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Singer, rapper Krishan is all set to release his new CD “Reincarnation” (Avathaaram) soon. This is his second CD a follow up to his highly successful Asian Avenue which he released in 2005.

Asian Avenue entered the Indian market in 2006. A track from the album was featured on BBC RadioOne Asian charts and was also featured on UK DJ Nihal’s international compilation Bombay, Bronx.

Krishan’s other hits are Ninaivugalae, Kaadhal Kadidham, two love ballads that had continuous air play in Sri Lanka and through SS Music and Sun Music in South India.

“Asian Avenue fared well in Sri Lanka, and what’s more it was the first Sri Lankan album containing Tamil songs and was well received in South India, for Universal Music India. Bathiya `N Santhush followed me and released their CD in the same manner, with Universal Music India.

”This second project has taken you four years to complete what was the reason for the delay?

“The songs were sitting in the studio these past four years, needing attention.

I’m a full time Sales Manager at ABC and finding it difficult to spend long hours on my music. However, this CD now introduces me as a producer. Most of the songs were composed by me and the lyrics as well.

As the title Re-incarnation (Avathaaram) suggests I am taking different forms - I’m a singer, poet, performer, producer! and I’m enjoying my roles. I intend releasing my CD by April 14 in time for the Sinhala and Hindu New Year.

Songs like yours need definite themes. What are the themes you’ve chosen?

“Topics concerning youth, youth empowerment war and post-war conditions and peace. The music tracks were composed by me, Rukshan Mark, Iraj, Nisal and Charles Bosco”. It’s been a great journey for me and this is going to be an interesting album”.

Music, like John Miles said, is Krishan’s first love. Ever since he turned fifteen and during his school days at Royal College, Colombo. Krishan threw himself into Talent Searches musical events that were supported by a majority of the students, and received air play on radio.

From Urban Sounds to I1 Noise and now as just plain Krishan. The musical journey has been rewarding and with Re-incarnation, Krishan hopes to take his music to a higher plane.

- Mahes

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