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Good individual performances can lead to victory

Perhaps when a foreign team loses on our turf wickets, the comments made by the losing foreign teams in that our wickets are slow and made for spin bowlers. As for the Australian bowling side, it was their fast bowlers who got the wickets. This goes to show that our batsmen are weak against fast bowling and capable of facing opposing teams having spinners on our wickets.

Perhaps the way our Sri Lankan player performs depends on what amount of confidence and ability each player has when batting or bowling. It is wrong to find fault with the selections or administration when players do not perform.

I feel the coach should study during a match and advise or show any weakness in batting, bowling or fielding for the player not to do it in the next match. I do not know how much a foreign coach is capable of moulding a good cricketer since foreign coaches are not available to watch the up and coming future talented players, since a single foreign coach is not available to watch domestic tournaments. Is it a foreign coach who makes or breaks a cricketer? It is the player, who has to make his mind and body work in order to perform. This was clearly seen by the performance of Kusal Mendis in the first and second Test by getting a big score, thus building up the foundation for our victory.

It is high time our players make big scores in batting and in bowling get as many wickets to worry the batsman.


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