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A bridegroom, Christian professional around 30 years is sought by Sinhalese parents for their slim figured, fair, graduate Executive younger daughter, 28 years 5'6" high with assets. Non smoker, teetotaller preferred. Reply giving details with contact T'phone number. 

A respectable family seek understanding partner for daughter, educated, fair very pretty, early thirties, 5'4" divorced short marriage, plaintiff no encumbrances well employed, Catholic, differences immaterial. Substantial movable / immovable assets. Email : [email protected] 

BK Engineer brother in America seeks groom for sister preferably qualified Computer Engineer / Doctor. She is 31, 5'2" very fair very handsome B.Sc M.C.Sc IT Engineer employed in reputed company as an IT Executive in Colombo suburb drawing excellent salary. Please reply B.K B.G below 35 non smoker teetotaller. Write full details in first letter with non malefic horoscopes contact number. 

Buddhist Govi Kandyan professional parents from Kandy seek a suitable partner with sober habits for only daughter English Instructress Ex Bank Executive 44 looks much younger fair beautiful smart 5'4" unmarried excellent character substantial wealth divorcees and widowers considered. Details with horoscope. Email [email protected]

Buddhist Govi Deva parents seek educated partner for daughter 32+ 5'3" fair pretty ACS completed religious family background employed reasonable dowry. Reply in Sinhala English with horoscope. 

Catholic Karawe mother seeks partner for attractive daughter 39, 5'3" company Executive owns valuable assets. 

Catholic Sinhala mother seeks for accomplished Accountant daughter 30 medium colour 5'1" partner from a similar background. Email [email protected] 

Colombo suburbs G/B retired parents seek suitable partner for graduate daughter Senior Officer in State Authority 35 yrs. 5'4". Reply with horoscope Email:    [email protected] 

For daughter brought up in Sri Lanka, studied postgraduate level in UK. Now working as a Research Assistant in UK 37 yrs. 5' 2" slim, well mannered Marriage delayed due to away from Sri Lanka. Divorcees are equally considered. Email: [email protected] 

G/B Engineer brother seeks partner for only sister (Colombo) Management Graduate 43 (young looking) pretty, fair 4'8" manages own shop. Considerable assets. Divorcees considered. Horoscope needed. Email: [email protected] 

GB parents seek a professional partner for their only daughter 26 years fair, qualified Accountant. Reply with horoscope & details. [email protected] 

G/B respectable parents from Colombo suburbs seek a professonally / academically qualified partner living in Canada or willing to migrate for their IT graduate daughter Computer Professional (Canadian PR Holder) working in a prestigious company in Colombo drawing a high salary. She is fair slim and pretty 31+ 5'3" in height has substantial assets. Reply with horoscope and contact number. 

Mount Lavinia Bodu Govi 35 employed private firm. Own house educated partner seeks mother horoscope Kuja 1 Suwana Nekatha. 

RC/K parents from Negombo seek a suitable professionally qualified partner for their Convent educated daughter 26 years 5'7" tall and fair. She is a non working girl and inherits substantial wealth. 

Wealthy B/V parents seek an educated successful partner for their beautiful daughter just came from Australia of 32 yrs. 5'2" tall. Caste immaterial. 

Well-connected Sinhalese parents seek educated professional for highly qualified, attractive well-established professional daughter in mid thirties, based overseas, willing to move. Email: [email protected] 



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