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Technology in our military has advanced to meet and compete with international standards. The Research and Development Wing of the Sri Lanka Army manufactured these Uni-Buffel vehicles, and the value of a vehicle in the international market is Rs. 10 million. But, our local experts have done it at a cost of only Rs. 4 million.

This is ample testimony of the advancement in technology of the military engineering division. The vehicle has all the features similar to an imported Uni-Buffel.The technology looks superior than in those imported. The Sri Lankan made Uni-Buffels could be utilised for mobile patrols and combat duty as they are made of special chassis.

Military sources noted that the maintenance cost is expected to be much lesser than the imported stuff.

The Research and Development Wing of the military set up ten years ago earlier have manufactured over 100 vehicles under the brand named "Unicorn".

Today, the military has taken the lead in the manufacture of armoured vehicles.


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