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The World's only Church dedicated to St. John Dal Bastone, celebrates 125 years

Grateful Catholics of Talangama along with thousands of devotees around the country will join hands this August to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of St. John Dal Bastone Church, Talangama.

This unique and magnificent church is believed to be the first and the only church dedicated to Saint John Biotteconi well known as John Dal Bastone from Paterno, in the district of Fabriano. St. John Dal Bastone was a Sylvestro Benedictine monk who lived in the 13th century and was canonized on August 29, 1772.

The foundation stone for Talangama church was laid on 27th October, 1872, coincidently that year happened to be the 100th year anniversary of the canonization of St. John Dal Bastone.

In 1881, the church building was completed and Sylvestro Benedictine monks looked after the mission and later it was administered from several parishes. In 1972, the Franciscan Friars were entrusted with the mission and to date they serve the spiritual needs of the faithful. Today, St. John Dal Bastone Church completes 125 years and it stands high as a pillar of faith of Talangama people, which grew under grave circumstances.

Under the guidance of the Parish Pastoral Council a number of events were held in preparation for this great event, which officially began following the annual church feast in 2005. The Jubilee year was proclaimed by Most Rev. Fr. Dom Clitus Perera OSB, the Prior of the Benedictine order during the festive mass last year.

Following that, the devoted parishioners actively and spiritually participated in the year-long preparations which included a successful Mission (retreat) conducted by O.M.I Priests of Nazareth.

The much awaited event of the year to coincide with 125th Jubilee Celebrations was the laying of the foundation stone of the three storied Daham Pasal Building. Introduction of a special uniform for the Daham Pasal students was another unique event that occurred during the jubilee year. To make the event more significant a commemorative stamp will be issued at this year's jubilee celebrations.



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