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Dancing is her forte. And acting has eventually got into her veins. Nirosha Abeysinghe has been having a few opportunities to make use of her talent. She still remembers her very first appearance before a camera when she was only sixteen, this was when a Pakistan-Sri Lankan film troupe reached her village Tennekumbura.

"It was 1997. We heard that the famous Pakistani film directress Shammi Mara had selected locations for her newest film in our village. She was working with a Sri Lankan film troupe, and famous Sri Lankan actress Sabeetha Perera was one of them. It was such a surprise to us, the village girls and boys. So we went to see the film being shot," she reminisces.

Pix: Chaminda Kumarasinghe

Acting has been a long time dream, but she never thought that she would get a chance so easily. Shammi Mara was looking through her small screen at the set (location) when she spotted the charming girl among other village damsels. Shammi did not have any idea whether Nirosha had a talent for dancing. But being in to films for quite a long period, she had the instinct for that.

Nirosha was selected to appear as a support dancer along with the main characters in all the seven songs in that film. Dancing under the Hunas Falls was the very first experience she had before a camera, and was among the most memorable shots.

Following that she was offered all the six films Shammi made in Sri Lanka. "It was a great opportunity to a village girl like me," she says with a smile.

And that was during her O/L exam. After a struggle, somehow Nirosha got through the exam and then selected Arts subjects for A/Ls. But destiny was not in her favour. She fell ill and could not sit for the exam. This was also a time she had to take a firm decision. Nirosha knew her destiny lay in dancing and acting. She joined X-Rena dancing group and learnt 'free style' dancing.

After a brief silence, Nirosha was invited to take part in Eranga Senaratne's tele 'Ahasin vetunu geheniyak'. She had to play the role of a receptionist.

After that Nirosha got chances to act in Sanath Abeysekara's 'Diya Makuluwa' and Santhush Liyanage's 'Nanduttara', Mohan Niyas' 'Duvili Suwanda' and Saman Silva's 'Gedara Budun Amma'.

Although she has taken part in more than 25 teledramas so far, she still has acted only supportive roles. Nirosha bemoans about it a bit, but is satisfied to an extent that she has acted. "I have no big hopes. I am generally satisfied with the little things in life" she says.

The film world is a place where a young girl has to step with much caution. How does it affect Nirosha? "Well, yes it is. But that risk is everywhere, doesn't it? Acting is my hobby and not that I am totally dependant on it," she smiles. She is ably supported by he family. She lost her father than early age. Her mother, sister and brothers are always there for her along with her maternal uncle and aunt.

"My dream... Mmmm.... I want to join a dancing academy in Mumbai, India and master Indian and free style further," she says.

The 23-year-old is still leading a carefree life. "I go shooting with my 'Nanda' (Aunty) or with my mother as my family is worried about my safety. I love acting. At present there's nothing else is in my head, but acting. If some day the man I marry requests me to give up acting, I would do so because marriage means a lot to me," she laughs.


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