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Asia Siyaka goes for vacuum packing to retain tea quality

Asia Siyaka Commodities (Pvt) Ltd., a leader in tea brokering introduced the cost effective vacuum packing machine and material to retain the quality of Sri Lankan tea.

Consumers of tea are willing to pay a premium only if the product is good quality. Packaging is an intrinsic property that determines the quality of tea for consumers, Vice President, Asia Siyaka Commodities (Pvt) Ltd., Dinesh de Livera told seminar to introduce the new packaging system.

The vacuum packing solution which conforms to global standards will widen the market opportunities for producers and exporters as extended holding time ceases to be a problem, he said.

The best teas in the world should be complemented with packaging. The taste, flavour, strength, aroma, colour and other vital properties are retained only through an efficient packaging system, he said. No moisture, extended shelf life, seal integrity, low transportation costs sans contamination will increase the product quality, Livera said.

The conventional bulk packing of Sri Lankan tea has failed to retain the image as the best tea in the world.

The traditional tea exports done in bulk and not in branded form have contributed to the decline in the quality of tea and low market demand.

Today we have not been able to make a breakthrough from the normal bulk packaging system. Only a few plantation companies have adopted vacuum packaging, he said.

`South Africa and India have already commenced bulk vacuum packaging on plantations. Sri Lanka's tea industry has to take note of its competitors such as Vietnam, Kenya and Pakistan that have developed their brands.

Exports in bulk form in paper sacks or in wooden boxes have not made a significant impact on improving the quality or increasing revenue to the country. Retaining factory freshness, longer shelf life, saving on freight charges, ease of stuffing containers and facilitating security screening are vital factors for a vibrant tea export market.

Vacuum packaging will help producers and exporters to boost the product quality for better market performance, Livera said.


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