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Teacher PC to boost ICT knowledge among teachers

The Ministry of Education and Microsoft last week launched an initiative to transform the lives of teachers across Sri Lanka, with the introduction of its new Teacher PC - a breakthrough in boosting ICT knowledge among teachers.

The Teacher PC is an offer made exclusively for teachers, giving them an opportunity to own their very own personal computer at a subsidised price, with a three-year service warranty. The initiative which is a joint effort between Microsoft and the Ministry of Education (MoE), will benefit teachers with the availability of instalment schemes for purchases provided by the ministry and original software provided by Microsoft.

The initiative will bring together several hardware partners, to ensure that there is sufficient geographic coverage and availability of the PC, thus ensuring that teachers do not have to travel far to purchase the computer.

The pay-as-you-go model enabled by the Ministry of Education to all teachers employed by schools falling within the Ministry's purview, will make PCs more accessible, by reducing the initial cost and enabling teachers to pay for computers through instalments as they use them.

This milestone initiative will equip thousands of new users with the power of low-cost, full-featured PCs through a tailored financing model that fits their lives and budgets.

The offer encompasses several models of Personal Computers and laptops which will be made available to teachers at subsidised rates through appointed PC vendors - PC House (Pvt) Ltd. and E-W Information Systems Ltd. (E-Wis). Each PC will include Microsoft Office Standard (Faculty and Student Edition) as well as Windows XP Starter Edition or Windows XP Home Edition depending on the PC model.

The program also offers the first batch of 1,250 teachers who purchase the PC a valuable gift worth Rs. 3,500. Each PC will be customised for teachers with learning material such as "Integrating ICT into Teaching and Learning".

The licensed software made available with the Teacher PC will ensure that Teachers are exposed to original software and do not need to resort to the unethical use of unlicensed, sub-standard software. Genuine Microsoft Windows and Office software which have been installed in the Teacher PC will ensure safety and hassle-free running.

Through the provision of bespoke software for teachers, Microsoft aims to help local educators use technology to improve teaching and learning.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Sri Lanka

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