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Tales from the Walauwa

As if having a boom booming car in the walauwa is not enough the three siblings decided last week to visit a motor show or some such thing. For once in my life I called up my catguts and decided to somehow get into the back of the car for a ride to see this motor show that the two sons have been raving about so much.

A car is a car is a car, right? I hid at the back and craftily got out when everyone was getting off. After giving myself a few licks I slowly started my own tour, careful to keep track of daughter of the house in case I'd be left behind with all these monstrous vehicles.

I rather liked the ones outside. Jolly little cars they were with jolly bright paint and funny things with no tops and jolly sizes. I heard someone saying they were antique cars, whatever that was supposed to be. But if I could make out anything from the tone of the speaker it probably means that it's a very admirable thing.

Another was talking about how an antique car is like another man's wife and only being able to look and admire and not touch. But they were peering rather closely mind you. As if they expected gold ingots inside these cars.

They had on display this great big monstrous vehicle all splattered with mud and whatnot! Would you believe it?

I hadn't been washed in ages I tell you. Water conservation is quite a noble thought. But this had to be extremism baby! Little boys were crying saying they hadn't been to see that one car in the corner and just how could you expect to leave without that? What if that car turns out to be the best car later? Ha, what then?

Some others looked quite prepared to buy in an instant what they were looking at, or maybe that was the impression they wanted to give.

Harassed looking people were showing about their vehicles parroting off 2500cc and such other nonsense.

Most people were busy taking photographs of cars on their mobile phones. Some were seen grinning like small kids at the wheels of large trucks and other 'beauties' on wheels.

Well, apart from this old gossip I have absolutely no idea what everyone was so hyper about. Ah, to understand this species called humans!


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Sri Lanka

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