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London College of Music and Media in Sri Lanka

A modern college of music and speech

The London College of Music and Media in Sri Lanka is a modern college of music and speech educating the young to be fluent, and technically competent, all-round musicians and in a broader sense they are communicators. Graduates are encouraged to be multi-skilled; to be able to think for themselves and confidence; and this will benefit them in securing employment. The College is the cultural focus for Thames Valley University and contributes significantly to the cultural profile of the West London and Thames Valley region. The College was founded in 1887 as an establishment devoted to musical education. It was incorporated as a public educational institution in 1939, and was made a faculty in 1991.

Students of Mrs. Prema Ratnayake with Professor John Howard

Professor Andrew and Margaret Wilkinson introduced the College in 1995. Spreading the news and attracting teachers and students was no easy task for Mrs. Malini Ratnayeke. Sri Lankan teachers and parents are most often entrenched in conventional systems, programmes and syllabus. They generally are not inclined to venture into or even attempt something different for the betterment of a child’s future. Nevertheless, some parents and teachers of Music and Speech with their students found the necessary incentive to tread the unknown and be successfully rewarded by a prestigious university awards. From little 4 year olds of the “Early Learning” grades in speech, to the teenagers and adults of the “Diploma” grades in speech and Music, it is thanks to them that more than 10 years have passed and the London College of Music and Media is here to stay. The college examinations are taken at over 250 regional, private and public centers across England, Ireland, Scotland and overseas. From it’s inception in Sri Lanka, Mrs. Ratnayeke (2.588.517) has been the officially appointed sole public center representative.

These certificates are unique in the “Graded examinations world”, in being awarded by a university. The table of examinations range from - “Early Learning” and “Preliminary” to grade 8 and beyond to “Diplomas” and “Degrees.” These are accredited by Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) which serves as a UK governmental stamp of approval and quality assurance. The mapping of these examinations onto the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) means that students applying to UK Universities through the UCAS system can increase their points tariff when they have a Pass or Higher at Grade 6-8!

The following students were successful at the recent examination.

FLCM - Kishanthi Amaratunga, Nadishka Wickramasinghe.

LLCM - Shanthiya Loganathan, S. I. Yarlini, Dilkushi Rodrigo, Kishanthi Amaratunga, Harshula Warusavitharana.

DipLCM - Amanthie de Silva, Dharshika Perera, Minna Tange, Noel Jayatunge, Robert Dhanaraja, Rupika Kroon, Roshini Galappaththi, Vimukthi Sooriyaarachchi and Yohani de Silva.


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