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GCE A/L English Literature - Made Easy - Novel -

The Waiting Earth

By Punyakante Wijenaike

Summary, chapter by chapter

On arrival at home, Sellohamy noticing the radical change in her husband shouted in fear

“He has gone mad. That I was afraid would happen one day has happened” Podisinho suspecting his wife’s behaviour with the Mudalali unfolded the scene to the Mudalali’s wife, Carohamy.

“Surely you must know the look that passes between men and women when they need each other?” and chased the fortune teller out of his house. “Get out from here. Women make good the absence of a ladder to the gallows” Isabellahamy forms a bad opinion of her mother considering her to be a shameless woman. Upasena tries to make his father happy and help his mother to relieve her of her pain of mind. “But his mother, yes his mother he could help”.

Chapter Fifteen

Days roll on and Podisingho, with suspicion reigning, returned home from Rapiel Appu’s and got ready to sleep. He realized that women could have a stronger say in a house, though the man is considered to be the head of the family unit.
Rapiel Appu became his best friend and gave his savings to Podisingho far safe keeping. He was his only trusted friend. The Mudalali and his wife cursed the other women who came to the Mudalali’s shop and the Mudalali was talking to them as if they needed his kindness “above what they received in their homes”. Kathirinahamy hated Sellohamy as well.

Isabellahamy too is being gossiped about at school. The Schoolmaster Podimahatmaya’s special smile for her causes a different feeling in her and she begins to day dream, learning only a fraction of what is being taught. The school girl’s callous remarks at her and at her mother’s behaviour “Your mother’s foot prints are deep in the Mudalali’s compound”. Sellohamy’s elder son remains silent, not concerned about the gossip that is spreading. Piyasena’s only salvation is to cling on to Rapiel Appu. “He alone would be his friend and family”.


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