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Muslims demand compensation from LTTE

Over 100,000 Muslims who were chased out by the LTTE 16 years ago will hold a demonstration in Puttlam on October 28 demanding the LTTE to pay them compensation.

The aspirations of the Muslims should be fulfiled if the Government wants to find a permanent solution to the North and East problem, President of the Muisali People’s Parliament S.M.A Niyas told the Sunday Observer.

“We want the LTTE to pay us compensation for grabbing our properties and using them for 16 years.

We also urge the Government to include one of our representative in the peace delegation”, he said.

He urged that compensation should cover the value of properties and 16 years economic loss by the expulsion.

Niyas’ requests the Government to increase the dry rations to the value of Rs.1,200 for a family because the ration is not enough for a family.


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