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Why is Hatareka absconding?

Where is Willie Hatareka the Maori who was signed on as national coach of Sri Lanka by the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union (SLRFU)?

The talk circling round the clubs is that he has “done the bolt” as he is unable to see eye to eye with the national selectors.
He was signed on for an one-year contract, which is renewable for three years. Before arriving in Sri Lanka, Hatareka, was the national coach of India.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the SLRFU, Dilroy Fernando, said that the Maori had requested and granted only three and a half days leave to “watch” the Central Province RFU and Defence Services players at a 80’s tournament in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s understood that Hatareka had bought a ticket to Kathmandu in Nepal, although the insignificant tournament was in Thailand. E-mails have been plying up and down from the SLRFU to Hatareka, but no reply has been received today.
Where is he and why is there no reply?

Now, the Western Samoan coach of Kandy Sports Club, Tavita Tulagaese (better known as Laga) has been requested to coach the Sri Lanka national squad in training for next month’s Singer Asiad with C. P. Abeygunawardene assisting him.
The best thing for the SLRFU to do is to terminate Hatareka’s contract. (L.G.)


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