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I admit that at present the advertising has reached a high professional standard and more attention is paid pertaining to the quality and the training given to personnel. The advertising is considered very essential for the commercial world. It should have the following requirements.

* A clear message be given about the product

* Should not slander any other product either directly or indirectly

* Must not be misleading

* Should not violate any laws of the country (Drugs Ordinance, Tax Laws etc)

* Could be watched by all including children

I quote below the following, which I feel are violating the above requirements

* Body spray: A girl gets attracted towards a man who is using this body spray and intimate scenes are shown directly or indirectly. Are our girls so cheap to get attracted and lose their dignity?

* Exposure: A nice pair of legs are exposed for a Leather Product advertisement which is displayed at junctions.

I am concerned this may result in road accidents.A long time back in the 60s, I remember that there was an advertisement pertaining to a Sinhala film (Patachara) and the Police had to request the authorities to remove it. Posters exhibiting female nudity should not be placed in public places.

* Ayurvedic massage: Health massages are advertised (I wonder whether they are bogus or not).

However semi nude girls are shown exposing their backs to us which means even medical treatments are offered with sex appeal.

* Drugs: Advertisements are shown that diabetes, blood pressure etc could be cured using drugs. To my limited knowledge, I understand that blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailment etc., cannot be cured but only controlled. Therefore, I appeal that the medical authority should interfere and stop these types of bogus information. I am of the opinion that the usage of drugs should be under the supervision of your doctor.

Road calls for speed-breaker

Weligama-Akuressa Road is presently being repaired and carpeted. Upto now, work has been completed beyond the New Street area of Weligama.

In the meantime, there are two international schools (Ikra and Jennath) situated beside the New Street Road. After being carpeted, all the vehicles along this road are driven at high speed.

Hence, considering the safety of the school children/pedestrians, it is requested that a speed-bumper (or breaker) should be fixed between these two international schools, in order to prevent accidents.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Sri Lanka

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