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Feng-shui for the East - good health and family happiness

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Our readers, many of you must be getting ready to welcome the forthcoming New Year. You have been with us for the past few weeks following article after article which appeared on Feng-shui, advocated by Feng-shui Master, Asiri Vanigaratne. Feng-shui might have been or have not been a novel subject to many of you, but however, thanks for being with us, as the Sunday Observer is always trying to introduce something interesting (and somewhat useful) to our readers.

So among the gift items that you have been preparing for the season, why not let one or two be a Feng-shui item too, as it would be a novel idea for this festive season. In fact they are not so expensive either. But remember to provide the correct details of the item, the direction it will be placed and the purpose of it (example: what improvement it would make in the receiver's life).

Peace is the most popular talking point in every nook and corner of the world at present. Peace and unity in the family unit (or in your working place) is most important as it directly or indirectly affects the society since we are all part and parcel of it in some way or other.

Health is the other utmost important factor out of all things. I do not think I have to give a long description of the importance of being 'healthy' as it is something that we tend to get to know since we are little ones.

Today we discuss about how to improve our luck in having a peaceful environment while leading a healthy life using the Chinese Feng-shui method. East is the direction for Health and Family in Feng-shui.

The Chinese and Japanese love to have a window in the East in their houses and work places as then they can hang a Crystal ball on it to draw the sun's rays in (in to the building) which would make a beautiful rainbow with all the seven colours. This energy is believed to be very effective for health and family peace/unity.

Dragon statue kept beside a small container of water with a plant (which is called a luck plant) is the other important item one can place in the East direction. A branch of green croton dipped in a small water container would be fine in this sense. Once the branch gets roots replace another branch. This plant should be half in water and half in air, and should not be completely in water such as water plants.

The water should be clean and clear, and also beware of mosquito breeding.

We can keep a fish tank also in the East. But generally a fish tank is kept in the North which improves the job/business opportunities. Since we cannot keep two fish tanks in the place we use a container of water in the East as an alternative. But remember, however not to keep water in the bedroom. All the Feng-shui methods connected with water should be placed either in the living area, sitting room or in the compound.

The Three Generation -Turtles statue and the picture of the bamboo trees are also used to improve the luck in the East. A Bamboo tree picture is quite ok to hang even in the bedroom. There are many tiny items which come in the form of Chinese letters. These can be used in a minimal way especially at your work place where you cannot apply Feng-shui in a big way.

Green is the colour and Wood is the element for the East. If your kitchen happened to be in the East, then place the cooking stoves and electric kettle (which is used frequently) either in the South, South West (SW) or North East (NE) of the kitchen (inside the kitchen)... This is because the Wood element tends to get destroyed by the element Fire. The cooking stove generate Fire element. The element in the South, SW or NE is Earth which compensates better with the Fire element.

So, let's hope our Feng-shui column has provided you many ideas to improve your luck in happiness in all your aspects with good health for the coming New Year! Be with us in the next year as well to know how to improve your luck in the North East and the North West and many other Chinese Feng-shui secrets and Chinese astrological forecast.


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Sri Lanka
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