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An asian comedy  

The Author

Ernest MacIntyre, was a member of the "Dramsoc" when he was a student at Peradeniya University. When Ludowyke left Sri Lanka after directing "Androcles and the Lion" MacIntyre and others who were interested in drama formed 'a new Theatre Group" with "Acquinas College Dramatic Society", when the Dramsoc was enthusiastically looking out for "performers competent in English" in Peradeniya due to the effects created by the "Swabhasha Policy".

MacIntyre was the resident director, though another director worked with them occasionally. With much experience with the style of Drama and demands of the Sri Lankan audiences MacIntyre succeeded in shining as a potential playwright. When Henry Jayasena's Sinhala version of the 'Caucasian Chalk Circle'("Hunu Wataye Kathawa") won admiration from the Sri Lankan audiences.

MacIntyre won fame and success by presenting his English version of popular drama quite sensitive to the social changes that prevailed.

"MacIntyre's awareness of the insularity of the Sri Lankan English Theatre is important" (Dr. de Mel's comments) he tried to present plays that could be appreciated and enjoyed by the local audiences paying more attention to the demands of the middle class English speaking audiences.

In "The Education of Miss Asia" , a new concept is introduced to the Beauty Contest and the unusual extraordinary behaviour pattern of Chaudribhoy; exposing the absurdity and foolishness of the prevailing society.

MacIntyre has used "flexible language" pattern spoken by many English speaking local people with " a raciness and spiciness the distinctive rhythms, the sometimes startling mixtures of creativity and cliche, characteristic of Lankan English" (Ashly Halpe's comments)

MacIntyre's dramatic style is quite appealing inviting the applause of the audiences. While reading the drama EDUCATION OF MISS ASIA one should make an effort to visualize the players on stage performing the drama in the MacIntyre style.

The story in brief:

Marlene Perera having won the "Miss Asia" title is being groomed for "Miss World" contest to be held in London. Earlier it was physical beauty that paved way for the title of "Miss World" "form and features, how they move and hold themselves, on their attractiveness". Ernest MacIntyre imagined a contest in which "intellectual ability, sensitivity and values were equally important".

For the final round of the contest "Miss World" is going to be chosen not only for her physical beauty, grace, charm and vitality but equally for the intellectual and emotional, response to the continent she represents" so that the contestants are requested to undergo training and coaching from an eminent person, who is familiar with the requirements and of course a person of eminence "The Foreign Expert Syndrome" was prevailing in the English speaking society in Sri Lanka at that time.

The typically westernised Pereras invite chaudribhoy, supposed to be a professor from India to educate Marlene for the contest of "Miss World" "The focus and Dramatic centre" of the play.

The Education of Miss Asia seems to be chaudribhoy and the attention of the audience seems to be invited to the education Miss Asia undergoes, and also to the person who educates her. Thus the character of Chaudribhoy and the audience would appreciate "the richness of chaudribhoy as a dramatic creation" .


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