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DateLine Sunday, 9 September 2007





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Democratic Party!

Ra-Blue is following the footsteps of his uncle JRJ by obtaining undated resignation letters from Tree-Man and Atta-Leader. But Ra-Blue told the Wok Com of the Elephant Party that the duo did so voluntarily to help him to make the necessary changes. What a democratic party!

Kula-Gem vs. Saa-jeet

The pre-election preferential vote battles of the Elephant Party continued with Ana Kula-Gem taking on Prem Boy Saa-jeet in the Hambantota district bout. Kula-Gem accused Saa-jeet of taking people from his electorate to Govi Summit. But an angry Saa-jeet told the leader that poor people took his free buses as Kula-Gem levied a bus fare.

Nara commends Gota

Indian Def advisor Nara has commended Gota for protecting Colombo at a time regular bomb explosions take place in many major cities in the world. During Gota's recent visit to India with No-Sil and La-leet Vee, Nara assured India's fullest support to MR.

Who's more powerful?

Is an Additional Min Sec more powerful than a Minister? That was the question posed by Maldivian Transport Minister to his Lankan counterpart Daa-laas. The reason? While Daa-laas was flying economy class with his Ministry Sec, an Additional Secretary of another Ministry had taken a business class seat with the Maldivian.

Mobiles or kerosene?

Two Bell Boys have opposed a G-ment decision to impose a mobile phone levy at a meeting with MR at the TT Palace. But MR has firmly said that he would make use of the revenue to grant a kerosene subsidy for poor villagers. What is more important for the Bell Party? Mobiles or kerosene?

Es Bee on vote sport

Es Bee has admitted that played 'election games' during Retired Big Lady's time. During an interview with a female scribe, Es Bee had said that he played his 'cards' when the votes were low, but he is now too old to indulge in that type of games.



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