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DateLine Sunday, 17 February 2008





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Parents in Australia seek an educated slim attractive partner for our son working in UK, with advanced salary as an Engineer in petroleum field. Ones in UK are preferred. Contact Tel. No. 0061-8-93518942. Email - [email protected]

Respectable G/B parents with professional standing residing in Canada seek suitable partner for son 32 y., 5'9" Prof. Engineer. Looking for educated partner only with similar background. Fair, slim, attractive, below 30 y. Please respond with family details, pref. from Canada. Email [email protected]

Parents seek bride for son, fair, handsome, Australian permanent resident, 5'5", GB, 33 years qualified in the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration profession, possesses a Diploma in Business Management (UK). Well employed in Australia. His only sister (Accountant) married and living in Australia. A girl residing in Australia is preferred. Reply : [email protected] / 94-11-2586299.

G/B mother seeks an educated pretty daughter from a respectable family for her Engineer son. He is 31 years handsome 5'8" teetotaller non-smoker with excellent personality. He is a Master's degree holder in Computer Engineering and working for a multinational company in U.S.A. He was separated from an unfaithful marriage which lasted only one month and no encumbrances. Bride should be willing to migrate or live in U.S.A. Please reply with full details horoscope and contact number. E-mail: [email protected]

SGB respectable parents seek a pretty educated daughter preferably a Doctor for their son 26+, 5'7" MBBS Doctor. Reply with family details & horoscope. E-mail: [email protected] Tel: +94713101987

Respectable Govigama / Catholic parents who reside in Colombo seek an educated, well mannered pretty kind-hearted bride for their son 32 years, 5'11" tall, handsome, fair, with sober habits working as a Scientist for a Multinational prestigious Pharmaceutical Company in U.S.A. He had his graduate and postgraduate studies in U.S.A. Inherits substantial assets. Please reply with full details by email to [email protected]

BG professional family seek professional bride from similar background for son 26, 5'6" Software Engineer dual citizen working UK. Horoscope necessary.

Kandyan GB parents academically qualified resident in Kandy seek for their son 31 years 5'11" slim fair studied in the U.S.  Currently employed as a Business Analyst in a reputed bank in the U.S. A bride preferably working in the U.S. Reply with horoscope.

Kandy Muslim parents seek a qualified partner for their professionally qualified son 29 years, 5'9" and well-established in UK. Contact: [email protected]

B/K parents in Tangalle seek young pretty kind daughter below 29 for their son BSc Management graduate 34, 5'5" fair and handsome teetotaller, non-smoker, Planning and Financial Assistant in government sector. Reply with full details. Email: [email protected]

Bodu / Govi family seeks partner for son Engineer 49, 5'8" fair, handsome, sober habits, partner should be willing to go abroad. Age 37 - 42, well educated with means. Details with horoscope. E-mail: [email protected]

B/G mother seeks a fair pretty suitable partner for handsome son 38 years non- smoker teetotaller businessman in USA. PR holders in USA preferred. Reply with H/C.  email: [email protected]

Well connected G/B parents from Colombo seek educated, beautiful daughter with good qualities for their handsome, fair, kind, intelligent son with an excellent character. He is academically and professionally qualified and working as a Software Engineer in London.  He also has PR in Australia. He is 5'8" in height and 31 years old. Our son is a Royalist who has been brought up according to Buddhist values. Prefer a partner willing to reside in UK for couple of years then settle down in UK/Aus. Inherits house in SL, cash & vehicle. Send horoscope. Tel. 94-11-2610248.

B/G mother seeks fair, tall, pretty & pleasant girl below 30 years from respectable family for well educated 34-year-old, 511 professionally qualified (MBA, CIMA), handsome only son, working in a Senior Managerial position in a multinational company drawing a good salary, in the process of applying for HSMP (UK). Those who are studying or working in UK may also respond. Please reply with all details & horoscope. E-mail: [email protected]
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