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DateLine Sunday, 17 February 2008





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Tourism - fourth biggest revenue earner for Lanka - Faiszer Mustapha

Deputy Tourism Minister Faiszer Mustapha said that tourism was the largest growing industry and was the fourth biggest revenue earner for Sri Lanka. With the oil boom in the Middle East there were tremendous opportunities for qualified persons in the airline industry, he said.

The Deputy Minister who was Guest of Honour was addressing the Louis Preston School of Travels and Tourism recently where several students received certificates. The Louis Preston affiliated school founded in 1986 became the first school in Sri Lanka to offer full time courses for foundation and IATA diplomas.

The new curriculum includes a certificate course in Food and Beverage Operation. Louis Preston International's Director of Studies, Peter Hooper said when he first came to Sri Lanka from Singapore many in the tourist industry were surprised at his decision. But having taught Sri Lankan students in Singapore he was aware of their dedication and capabilities.

Many of them today were working in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and in other countries and several have been accepted by overseas institutions to continue their education in tourism studies, he said.

Vice President Louis Preston Sri Lanka, V. Dinesh said students who completed their studies in Sri Lanka were able to reduce the overall costs.

He said students can now continue further studies in the UK, USA, Australia and Singapore owing to their links with other overseas educational institutes. Deputy Minister of Tourism Faiszer Mustapha, IATA President (Sri Lanka) V. Paramananthan distributed the certificates.

The following students were awarded certificates. Sapushpi Lakdini Hettiarachchi, S. Arushi Sanjeewani Silva, Don Dinesh Panditha, Doreen Chryshanthy Ganaratnam Muttiah, Shelia Kumari Fernando, Mohamed Nilfan Mohamed Nilamdeen, Dilni Mekala Basnayake, Dilusha Madhushani Dissanayake, Hassan Hathif, Dilini Tharaka Withanawansam, Ronali Maryse Kulathunga, Shanki Dandeniya, Mohamed Illyas Abdul Safraz, Rishani Girsy, Mahamed Shiham Al Haseeb Saduk, Aminath Almasath Haneef, Thanuja Daminda Alahakoon, Hussain Hathif Naseem, Boraladon Chinthani Basnayake, Nalin Anuruddha Jayawardena, Ahamed Nazzim Nizam, Mohamed Mubarak Mohamed Mujahid, , Mohamed Inham Ifthikar, Anton Nishankaran Christopher, A.L.M. Ishak.


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