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DateLine Sunday, 17 February 2008





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Government Gazette

Coconut development projects from Plantation Ministry

The Plantation Ministry has embarked on coconuut development projects worth of Rs.1289 Million for this year. Ministry Spokesman said, For the initial stage, the funds amounting to Rs.633.07 million were obtained from the general treasury to commence on accelerated programme.

The re-cultivation programme on an area of 12,598 acres is planned at a cost of Rs.130 million. A program to rehabilitate 9375 acres of coconut lands, at a cost of Rs. 80 million will be launched."

In addition to this, another program to cultivate 3400 acres of 'Gliricidia' at a cost of Rs.15.8 million is also estimated. For conservation of rainwater in 140 units of coconut lands, the amount estimated is Rs.15 million. For the cultivation program of coconuts in gardens, Rs.90 million has been allocated.

In connection with this, it is intended to plant 803,500 small new trees.

For subsidiary crops and animal husbandry an area of 4700 acres is in progress at a cost of Rs.19.27 million. A sum of Rs.90 million has been allocated for the coconut manure programme. 9300 metric tons of manure has been distributed. It has been decided to launch a program to remove weak trees. With regard to this, 58,375 trees have been identified, and the expenditure allocated is Rs.40 million.

The coconut cultivation board has allocated Rs.5 million to be spent on a program to introduce coconut pesticides. While several special coconut cultivation programs are in progress, the expenditure will amount to Rs.25 million for these projects. To increase crops in coconut plantation at a district level,several programs have been launched at a sum of Rs.25 million.

Under the ''Kapruka' investment scheme, 3900 acres will be developed at a sum of 30 million. For the carbon-chemical coconut cultivation program, the expenditure will amount to Rs.30 million. The balance 62 million will be spent on various coconut developing projects.


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