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DateLine Sunday, 17 February 2008





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Ebony back with a Familiar Face


Music switches Rolika and Dilrukshi onto a high which has gained them popularity with many a discerning audience. This duo are well known in the music industry and have made their mark.

Rolika a versatile pianist/keyboardist was a member of the famous Familiar Faces comprising Anne Nathan and Rovil Wolff, entertaining audiences at Trans Asia and the Ceylon Continental. Dilrukshi on the other hand, a talented vocalist, belonged to the well known family band Ebony, the members from the Galappaththi family in the Southern circuit as well in the dance scene.

The band sadly disbanded after the death of their leader Udaya Galappaththi. But now Dilrukshi has decided to take over the family band name Ebony with her husband Rolika. The other members of the Galappaththi family, Sampath has joined Kings, Nuwan is now with Sohan and the X'periments while Channa is with the group Friends in Germany.

Rolika Wickrematileke said that Ebony the duo started in August 7. "We just returned after playing on a cruise ship. There were roughly about 40-55 passengers and all had a rollicking good time. We are hoping to travel to Oman on contract" said the youthful Rolika.

With an elastic repertoire that takes in the evergreens, country and western, oldies and the popular hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Ebony is sure to hit popularity.

The special sound of C&C

L-R - Supun, Channa, Chaminda, Heshan (Front L-R) Jacqueline, Chandani and Anne

Growing from strength to strength the band C&C with added attractions are making waves of success here and overseas. Before last year ended Chandani's C&C played at a prestigious show and dance in Bahrain organised by the very active Sri Lanka Club.

"Our playing schedule is tight what with engagements at weddings, dances, corporate functions and our regular weekly gigs at Cinnamon Grand and at the Colombo Hilton. New Year's Eve at the Il Ponte was extra special "says Chandani.

The band now comprises Chaminda Hemaratne - leader, keyboards and vocals, Chandani Hettiarachchi - vocals, Anne Nathan - vocals, Jacqueline Hettiarachchi - vocals, Supun Fernando - bass, Heshan Silva - drums and Channa Vanderbona - lead guitar. Anne Nathan a versatile musician joined the band quite recently to give added thrust to the overall sound of the band.

"We also perform as a duo whenever the occasion calls for it. At the end of January we performed at Oman for a Sri Lankan dinner dance show. Misty was the main band we were guest artistes, there was Annesley Malawana too"! continues Chandani.

Catch the special sound of C&C at Hilton on Wednesdays and Thursdays and on Tuesdays at the Cinnamon Grand and enjoy their repertoire which includes not only English songs but also a wide collection of Sinhala and Hindi songs.

New video clips from Anura

Anura Jayasinghe.

Soon music lovers world wide will be able to view Anura Jayasinghe's new video clips of the songs "Welcome to Sri Lanka", and "Sri Lanka My Homeland". He tells us that he has signed a contract with two TV stations in France, namely R.F.O. and Tele Sud, and the two video clips will be telecast on these stations.

"I can confidently say that as a Sri Lankan I have done a lot to promote Sri Lanka through my songs, three of which are being telecast in 37 countries. The video of my song Nidi neti re yame entered the Caribbean Island Video Clip Hit Parade and in a spell of two months the song hit the top rung of the charts. The song has become popular in Africa", continues Anura.

A crusader for musicians acquiring royalties Anura says he would like to meet authors and composers in Sri Lanka. "I wish to explain to them the benefits they could gain from royalties. If they could get together and form some kind of a society for this, they will soon realize the value of it.

Most people in Sri Lanka believe that the singer owns the song. That is not correct. Whenever a song is broadcast on radio, the royalties should go to the lyricist and the one who does the melody. The singer gets the royalties if he sings the song at a musical show or a function or else if he has signed a contract with a record company", adds Anura.

While being busy with his new video clips, Anura is looking for experienced musicians to sing tenor for his songs and to play lead guitar. "Most importantly they should be teetotallers" Anura is emphatic about that. "I'm grateful to Noel Ranasinghe who was my teacher and assisted me in many ways and also to the late Lylie Godridge, who guided me in my singing" voices Anura.

Appointed as the agent in Sri Lanka for Alhambra Guitars by Alhambra, Spain, Anura is looking forward to his performances on ITN and Lakhanda Radio, here in Sri Lanka.


Jeewithaya Pura - his debut CD

Ranjith Liyanage.

A year in the making, the debut CD of drummer Ranjith Percival Liyanage will be launched soon.

"The CD is titled Jeewithaya Pura after my first song which became popular and threw me into the limelight as a singer in Sri Lanka. I was a sound engineer by profession, my father was in the music business, but I was a member of two bands Oasis and Golden Arrows", says Ranjith who has lent his artistry to the music business as a drummer for many recordings.

The song Jeewithaya Pura has been re-mixed for the album making it sound new. There are twelve other songs on the CD and Ranjith hopes that the CD will be a success since his song Jeewithaya Pura was a turning point in his career.

"I hope music lovers will enjoy my CD. I've been always wanting to release a CD for a long time now. All the melodies are my own but the lyrics were written by Hemasiri Halpita," reveals Ranjith.

His experience as a sound engineer at AI/QSAR Hotel in the Middle East and also for the Dubai Film Festival has held him in good stead since he now handles his own Vomix Recording Studio.



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