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DateLine Sunday, 6 July 2008





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

Dual purpose

A Ministerial type for justice pleaded with MR for a change of portfolio, saying he is bored with the present subject allocation. When the Prez sympathised and allocated another subject, the ministerial type requested more time to resign from the subject that is justice, saying he wants to present an important Bill. Dual purpose eh!

Smart option

A sinister campaign during the final overs of the Retired Big Lady’s innings was exposed when a large haul of MR’s 2005 Prez election campaign posters were found in an office of a leading Ministerial type. Despite playing dirty games at that time, he now holds a key portfolio under MR. The smart option!

Lady’s question

The Retired Big Lady asked an advisor of MR – Suni-Flower and his wife why the Prez chides the lady often. While rejecting the lady’s allegations, Suni-Flower told the Retired Big Lady that MR too wants to pose the same question to her. He should have advised her on how to spend retirement in a dignified way athough it was not Suni-Flower’s subject.

Ra-Blue’s ploy

Ra-Blue called his media confidants last week and planned a campaign against Es Bee behind closed doors. He asked some green scribes to speculate on Es Bee returning to the House of Diyawanna through the list that is national. He asked others to start a mudslinging campaign against the national organiser so that he could get rid of Es Bee soon.

Jaha-naka’s chair

When Jaha-naka was a big shot in the military, he entrusted his buddy a special task when they were on jungle operations. The buddy had to carry a cane chair sans its centre to facilitate toilet needs of his general that is major. One wonders whether a similar chair would be carried when Jaha-naka campaigns in Rajarata.

One Shot begs

Ra-Blue is still struggling to find a chief ministerial candidate for Sabaragamuwa. Though many names were proposed, almost everybody, including the Sinhala tuition guru, turned down Ra-Blue’s requests, One Shot is still pleading to have a go. But many green stalwarts have objected to ‘import’ One-Shot from Katana though the actor is even prepared to change his religion.



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