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Thursday, June 13, 2024





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Gluteala controls obesity and inflammation of joints

The Gluteala Ayurvedic Herbal Drink will remedy inflammation and swelling of joints while reducing the weight of the body that you may lead a healthy life, a media release from the company said.

The release said it assists in controlling cholesterol, remedies low or high blood pressure and minimises defects of blood circulation systems, controls flatulence, aches and pains in joints and systematically reduces the weight and the fat content of the body.

The Ayurvedic herbal drink will prove helpful to maintain a shapely fit body, and control cholesterol which lead to many harmful diseases and maintain a healthy and active life.

The Gluteala Ayurvedic Herbal Drink is an indigenous herbal drink extracted from valuable herbs picked from our own forest coverage and prepared according to a time tested ancient traditional Ayurvedic prescription.

The Gluteala Ayurvedic Herbal Drink and allied products have been authorised and recommended by the Ayurveda Formulary Board comprising an eminent panel of Doctors, set up under the Department of Ayurveda - Sri Lanka. Medicines manufactured by Mediherbs (Pvt) Ltd are purely based on traditional indigenous Ayurvedic prescriptions.

These prescriptions are based on the experiences gained in Ayurvedic medicine throughout sixty-five years by the modern link of traditional Ayurvedic medical practitioner’s generation, the former MP. “Vidyanidhi” Ayurvedic Doctor Pandith W. I. Fernando.


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