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Beautiful painting will relieve pain

Looking at beautiful works of art is not only pleasant, but also extremely useful, Italian psychologists confirm.

They proved that painting is capable to relieve a person of physical illnesses. Experts from University in Barii made an experiment on 12 women and men who were asked to choose 20 most attractive pictures from 300 ones and 20 - most unpleasant. Then all participants were asked to look steadfastly on both groups of pictures by turns, this time scientists attached small electrodes, which delivered unpleasant sensations to hands of volunteers from time to time.

It appeared that for those who looked at beautiful pictures, pain from electrodes seemed 3 times weaker, than to those whose sight was directed on less pleasant works of art.

Thus the conclusion has been drawn: contemplation of beautiful pictures promotes simplification of pain. During additional research, scientists also established that similar trainings effectively relieve person of feeling of discomfort and raise mood.

Experts even advise to hang up beautiful pictures in chambers with people after operations, as it will accelerate recovery.


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