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37 facts you didn?t know about women

They say, men are from Mars, women are from Venus. They consider women as not clear beings. These facts will help the stronger sex understand the fairer sex better.

1. A woman never takes off a T-shirt, having seized on a back.

2. Women do not scratch in a nap. First, they do not like showing confusion, secondly, it spoils a hairdress.

3. A woman often reels up hair locks, even short, on a finger or tickles a cheek with a brush from hair. Men seldom do so.

4. A woman will never understand, why football players, standing in a wall, do such ridiculous hill by palms. Therefore she does not shudder, when in a movie a hero receives a blow by a boot in a crotch.

5. Yawning, a woman covers a mouth with a palm, instead of a fist.

6. Having taken a bath, a woman - whether she is long-haired, short-haired or had been ill with a typhus - necessarily reels up an amateur similarity of a turban from a towel on her head, for at least one minute. The reasons for occurrence of this east ritual are unknown.

7. A woman practically does not irritate, when lingerie jams between buttocks. The fair sex gladly names all these awful adaptations ?bikini?. Besides, usually a woman does not try to fix lingerie behind imperceptibly, having risen from a chair.

8. Raising to throw something, a woman takes away her hand not sideways, but back.

For this reason ladies are never sent to blow up tanks.

9. Women like these torn brooms bringing so much dust. They name them ?compositions from dry flowers?.

10. Shaking hands, a woman almost does not shake it.

11. Turning around on call, a woman usually turns only a head. A man also turns a case, as his neck is much less flexible.

12. Women are afraid of spiders, worms and mice. They also do not like caterpillars, even very beautiful.

13. Overwhelming majority of women consider washing with water and soap harmful (What exactly they use to wash faces - look in a bathroom).

14. Having sex, a woman thinks of whether she looks beautiful.

15. On an offer to show hands a man often stretches open palms. Women stretch hands palms downwards, probably to show irreproachable manicure and size of brilliant.

16. Words a woman speaks having struck a hammer on a finger can be published without censorship. Words a man speaks in such cases are impossible to broadcast.

17. Women open beer bottles with church keys.

18. Women prefer chest type of breath. Men use abdominal tension muscles.

19. Women do not like, to keep their hands free. Therefore they always carry a handbag with themselves - to finger its strap, hold its edge and dig in it all the time. Everything will approach for the lack of a handbag - a fan, gloves, a book, a flower.

20. Women try rising or climbing down a mountain sideways. Men simply place feet more widely.

21. Woman prefer looking at her heels, turning round. Men simply turn the lifted foot.

22, A woman walks along heated pebble or sand on tiptoe. A man walks only on heels.

23. Sitting down, women compress knees or simply hold them in parallel.

Therefore in public transport it is more preferable to have a lady as a neighbour.

24. Stretching, men extend or lift hands, and women bend them in elbows, pressing to sides.

25. Aspiration to compromise, inherent in a female, affects in how they tell abusive jokes. They can dare to tell even a dirty joke publicly. But will murmur a keyword so muffledly that anybody will disassemble nothing. Even more often they try to transfer an indecent highlight using mimicry, gesticulation and a desperate look.

26. A belt on a woman?s dressing gown is fastened above a navel, man?s - lower.

27. If a woman?s fly becomes unbuttoned in the street, she will concern this circumstance indifferently enough and clasp trousers easy.

28. A woman blocks her ears with fingers, men - with palms.

29. When you ask a woman to pass you a lighter, she passes you a lighter, instead checking your spring ability and reaction.

30. If a man, from a woman?s point of view, behaves like a monkey, we also can note some atavisms which our ladies inherited from our ancestors. For example, they can be searching insects in a wool of their male for hours. In the absence of small arthropods, women are satisfied with eels and heat-spots.

31. Dressing, a woman firstly will put on a shirt, then - trousers. Men usually act on the contrary.

32. A woman puts on gloves before going outside.

33. Lifting a heavy object, a woman will try to move it sideways. A man bears cargo before himself.

34. Woman prefers keeping loose change and banknotes in the same place. Their pockets seldom ding.

35. At a punch a woman exposes a thumb forward.

36. When women sit, they have a habit to turn a foot under themselves and rest a heel in a crotch. Men do not allow such things to themselves.

37. To wring out wet linen manually, a woman undertakes it with palms upwards, a man - palms downwards.


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