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Miraculous effects of jewellery therapy?

Jewellery, basically, is to adorn a woman, give an aesthetic touch to her beauty and make her feel complete with her make up. From time immemorial it has attracted women with its different shapes and sizes. Sometimes it plays vital role in some special occasions like wedding.However, there is another aspect of jewellery that is still a mystery for people of this IT age; it is the therapeutic aspect.

Magnetic jewellery is the item that is made up of magnets and is worn as jewellery near any injured or affected area of the body. But the main purpose of wearing these items is to create a magnetic field around the area and heal the disease. Like any non-magnetic or general jewellery, the magnetic jewellery is also available in any form like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets etc.

Magnetic therapy is a very old and proven method of healing many diseases like pain, blood pressure and heart diseases. If you are surprised how the magnets heal, it can be said that they do not really heal directly.Magnets act positively on the living tissues of the body. They help the body to produce its natural pain killer, enhance the process of blood circulation on the part of the body near which they are worn and add to the healing process.

Medical research also reveals that the iron components of our body become immediately responsive to the magnet. The benefits of magnetic therapy have led some creative designers to manufacture the magnetic jewellery that solves dual purpose of style and treatment. This kind of jewellery is the alternative therapy to pain and ache and hence, is becoming increasingly popular among the people from every walk of life.

Magnetic jewellery is the safe, drug-free and non-evasive method of treatment. The most beneficial aspect of wearing it is that you do not have to take medicines that include chemicals. The functional property of the jewellery is accepted far and wide and many people have got the benefit of using it. People who dislike oral medicines and needles or suffer from their side effects have readily accepted the magnetic therapy attached to the new kind of magnetic jewellery. It is just a process of regulating the flow of blood to the artery. The magnetic field penetrates into the skin and stimulates the affected area.Magnetic therapy was earlier used for healing purpose in India, China, Greece and Egypt. But these days they have taken the shape of magnetic jewellery. Some people have been found complaining about not getting relief even after using the jewellery. The most probable reason behind this is not choosing the right jewellery. The threat of using magnetic jewellery lies in using the badly chosen items or the wrong kind of magnet. Consult an expert before purchasing any magnetic jewellery.

Wrong magnetic jewellery or low quality magnetic jewellery will not serve the right purpose. The important thing that a person wearing this jewellery should remember is to wear it close to the pain area as far as possible. For noticeable result, the magnetic jewellery should be worn for twenty four hours a day. Continuous use gives continuous benefit. Remember that the jewellery with the strongest and largest number of magnet is sure to give you an effective result.

Wide range of magnetic jewellery is available in the market. The type of jewellery that you should wear depends on the kind of pain or disease that you are suffering from. A bracelet is not going to heal your backache anyway. Likewise, there are different other types of magnets that are worn for different types of ailments. This apart, there are some precautions that need to be taken before using any magnetic jewellery.

Magnetic jewellery is not safe for people who use pacemaker or any other metal in the body. Consult your physician if you have serious health problems like cancer, cardiac diseases or any other ailment. Give way to a better recovery process by selecting the suitable magnetic jewellery and make it the symbol of your fashion and good health.


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