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Independent commission should tackle corruption

"We need an independent commission to investigate allegations of bribery and corruption in the country" said Justice Ameer Ismail, Chairman of the Bribery Commission.

He was commenting on Sri Lanka's position in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) done by Transparency International. Sri Lanka is ranked 92 in the CPI. The report reveals that corruption is rampant in the public sector.

Justice Ismail told the Sunday Observer "Independent authorities should analyse corruption without the intervention of the police because they are humans after all, and can be subject to influence".

He said that corruption is rampant in every country and that it cannot be changed overnight. A proper plan is needed to check corruption.Executive Director of Transparency International Sri Lanka, J. C. Weliamuna said "Sri Lanka's score has been somewhat the same for the past three years and eventhough corruption is prevalent it has neither been worse nor better this year".

He said that a long-term solution for corruption with the cooperation of the public and private sector is vital to ensure that corruption is arrested.



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