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Govt to revert to previous voting system

PR system also to be maintained:

The Government has plans to reintroduce the First Past the Post election system while maintaining the existing Proportional Representative System (PR).

Urban Development Minister Dinesh Gunawardana told the Sunday Observer that a new Bill in this regard will be submitted shortly for Cabinet approval.

He said the Government will conduct the future Provincial Council and General Elections under the new election system.

“Accordingly, 70 per cent of the candidates will be selected through the First Past the Post system while the remaining 30 per cent will be under the PR system.” The Minister said that the main shortcoming of the current PR system is that no members are elected to Parliament from some electorates while about two members are elected from one electorate.

“This situation has become a major obstacle for the voters since their representatives are not appointed in some electorates and as a result such voters are unable to discuss their requirements or grievances with parliamentarians, he said.

The Minister also focused attention on reducing some political parties on the grounds that only a handful of persons is involved in active politics under such political parties. He said the Government is expected to formulate a new Act in this regard and to register all parties which are in active politics and withdraw others.

“Suggestions in this regard will be obtained from the Elections Commissioner and the Bill will be submitted soon to Parliament.”



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