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Plot boomerangs

Atta-Leader who is making a desperate attempt to get close to Ra-Blue, suggested to the leader that the Elephant Party should take action against Johnny Boy and Lucky Senevi-Gem over their newspaper interviews. But a smiling Ra-Blue told Joe Mike that the party should have sacked Atta-Leader a long time ago for the sinister campaigns he masterminded and that Johnny Boy has been a straightforward guy.

Shadow Cabinet

Ra-Blue has masterminded another move to deviate from the leadership issue. He has formed a shadow Cabinet to keep his Em Pees happy. But an intelligent Kind-Siri, the Victory-sekera, has questioned whether they would be allocated the same ministerial subjects in case the Elephant Party comes to power even after a decade but an intelligent Ra-Blue responded with a smile.

Clever leader

Media goons at the Lane that is Fifth have concocted a story that Sa-jeet the Love Slave and Es Bee are having major differences. The story had been originated by the party leadership to retain the top seat as he has promised both of them the deputy leadership. Clever leader - divide and rule!

No imports!

Several Provincial Council members from Uva and the North Western called on Ra-Blue with a pre-election demand. "We understand that the Provincial Council elections are due soon and we have just one request. Please do not 'import' people to our provinces and make them Chief Ministerial candidates as you messed up at the North Central and Sabaragamuwa," a PC member said.

General strikes

Lull Khanth, the man who successfully organised an unsuccessful one day general strike is on a low profile these days. But he lost his cool when a politburo member inquired as to when they could go for the proposed three-day general strike. "Nobody supported me for the one day and now you want to treble it. I can't get fooled again," the trade union man said.

Retaining members

It's going to be a buying and selling season as the Bud-Jet approaches and the man who has got scared the most is none other than the Prince of Defeat - Ra-Blue. He has asked the business heavyweights, who support the party to keep more cash, not to win a few more, but to retain the existing Em Pees. Poor Boy!



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