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Marriage Proposals
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A Buddhist, upcountry professional parent seeks, pretty intelligent daughter, preferably medical student for their son, 23, 5'7" smart, educated in leading Colombo, New Zealand schools; Graduated from Australian University in Diagnostic Radiography; Citizen of Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Australia. [email protected]

An academically or professionally qualified pretty daughter is sought by parents (B/D) for son, academically and professionally qualified Senior Manager of a prestigious company with a very good salary. Owns a car and other assets in Colombo suburbs. Fair, handsome, 33, 5'5", vegetarian devoid of vices. Please reply with copy of horoscope to match Kethu in 7th House. Other castes considered. email: [email protected]

Academically qualified respectable family seeks partner for their son Mechanical Engineer CIMA Anandian, 5'11" 25 years, G/B father Senior Banker mother Graduate Teacher sister in USA reading for PhD. Sri Lankan medical student preferred. [email protected]

BDK parents seek a very well brought up daughter for son 34+ 5'8" handsome - non-smoker sportsman who values our own traditions hotel school qualified pastry Chef based in Australia with PR. Email : [email protected]

BG parents Col. subs seek pretty daughter for son 33, 5'4" employed as Asst. Manager private bank holds MBA (Western Sydney) owns house car. Reply with horoscope [email protected]

B/G educated religious partner preferably who is pursuing higher  studies or employed in Australia / USA / UK not willing to migrate sought by mother for her son 38 yrs old 5'3" height professionally in IT field. Worked in Canada. Reply with horoscope. [email protected]

Colombo suburbs B/G parents seek educated, well-mannered, attractive daughter from respectable family for their Engineer son 27 years 5'4" Australian citizen, employed in a well-established company. Reply with family details and horoscope. Email : [email protected]

G/B parents living in Sydney seek partner for marriage for their 30, 5'11" handsome, University educated (Informatics Technology) business / System Analyst son. She should be attractive, university educated, brought up with Sinhala, Buddhist values and open for adjustment to Western living. NSW residence preferred. Please respond with full family detials, with horoscope. Email : [email protected]

K/B parents seek an educated well mannered pleasant daughter below 29 yrs. for their eldest son 30 yrs., 5'7" handsome, teetotaller, Veterinary Surgeon (Peradeniya), visiting Sri Lanka mid August after completing M.Sc., sister MBBS Doctor, America, brother student Australia. Australian residents or willing to go abroad. 0912245915. E-Mail - [email protected]

Muslim male working as a Manager in a leading firm. Please consider widows, divorcees and elder lady age above 45. Please contact [email protected]

Muslim parents seek fair religious bride for French qualified son aged 27 years holding dual citizenship. Email: [email protected]

Moor parents seek for their Biomedical / Law degree religious minded son of high calibre 24 years. Citizen abroad suitable religious educated girl with Islamic qualities willing to settle overseas. Please send full details. Typing error in last week's advertisement. Correct email : [email protected]

Parents seek a young (20/25), pretty, slim daughter for eldest son (28 & 5'6"), MBA holder. grew up / educated in Switzerland USA/Canada, Vegetarian, nurtured in a Sinhala, Buddhist, traditional family environment; multi lingual, Swiss national. She should be a University graduate, fluent in English; outgoing person, talent to socialize and host relatives / friends, willing to live in Switzerland. Contact: [email protected] with horoscope.

Parents Sinhalese Buddhists seek attractive partner below 30 yrs. educated English proficient with assets, willing to migrate, for only son graduate owns assets, Australian PR employed in Multinational Firm Melbourne. Handsome young looking 36 yrs., height 5'8". Differences immaterial.

Sinhala Buddhist parents from Colombo suburb seek an educated Bride (PR holder) from USA for 27 year old handsome son (Height 56) residing in USA. (Thomian) completed BSc and reading for MSc. Holidaying in Sri Lanka till mid September. Substantial assets. Email [email protected] OB-1231, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo.

Well connected Southern Durawa Buddhist mother looking for a very fair pretty daughter below 27 years for handsome son 30 yrs. 510 graduated University Moratuwa employed as Civil Engineer, Masters qualified hoping to pursue doctoral studies in Australia owns valuable house worth 50 million and commercial premises. Reply with horoscope family details cast immaterial non malefic [email protected] 2725569. 7.00 10.00 p.m. OB-1228, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo.



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