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Disprove analysis on Channel 4 video clip, says expert

The Australia based world renowned expert in video cording Siri Hewawitharana has challenged the UN to disprove his analysis into the fake video clip of Channel 4.

Hewawitharana made this comment following the remarks made by the Special Rapporteur on extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions Prof. Philip Alston, who claimed that the response of the Government on the issue was prompt but `not impartial’ as military officials are involved in the findings.

“I can tell the good Professor that if he is to put his experts against my conclusion I am happy to see any of them do any rebuttal of my analysis.

Since he is an academic he should know, the way Science and Engineering research works since we got qualifications from the same country. He said that Channel 4 got non linear editors from Broadcast companies and if they care to put this video on, these editors would have seen the forgery of the editing parts within a few seconds.

“So why are we wasting time here”, Hewawitharana said adding that Prof. Alston insults not only the Sri Lankan nation with lies and innuendoes, but is also questioning science and engineering.

Meanwhile, the Government acknowledged Prof. Alston’s remark about prompt action to investigate the issue and come up with the results within two weeks of the airing of the video. But the Government regrets that Prof. Alston has characterised the professional investigation as not independent merely because the experts concerned were Sri Lankan.


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