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Mankulam a regional capital soon

A centrally located northern rural town, Mankulam, 30 kilometres from Vavuniya on the A 9 highway would be developed as a Regional Administrative Capital along with the resettlement and rehabilitation of over 250,000 IDPs now in the Vavuniya and Chettikulam welfare villages.

With the French GIS satellite mapping system, the Government has identified Mankulam to be developed as a provincial administrative capital. Accordingly, the Ministry of Urban Development and Sacred Area Development would launch the program within one year, Ministry Secretary Dr. P. Ramanujam said.

As Mankulam is close to Jaffna, Mannar, Mullaitivu and Anuradhapura, the rural village could be developed as an administrative capital. The availability of space, water and electricity facilities are other advantages.

Development work will be implemented on a phase wise program in relation to project packages on a priority basis with the Government’s resettlement program, Ramanujam said.

The Urban Development areas encompass the surrounding villages including Vannivilankulam, Ambalpuram, Kollavilankulam, Oddaruththakulam, Manavalanpaddarippu, Thachchadampan, Olumadu, Ambakmam, Panikkankulam, Thirumurugandi, Inthupuram, Kanakarayankulam, Kanakarayankulam North and Mankulam.

The comprehensive development as a Metro Urban Centre would be phased over 20 years (2009-2030), with the anticipated initial population 100,000 increasing up to 500,000 in 2030.

The Priority Action Project building complexes to be constructed include a Provincial Council Secretariat, Police Complex, Courts Complex, Transport Terminals, including a bus and railway station, Regional Prisons Complex and an Open Prison, Regional Sports Complex, Hindu Religious Centre, Hospital Complexes (public and private), Regional Postal Complex, Commercial and Financial Institutions and Regional Police Training Centre, the Ministry Secretary said.


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