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Music and dance concert

The exposure on television channels has led many a youth to develop their dancing skills to entertain audiences in Sri Lanka. In a few weeks time the group Torrential will be staging a fabulous show of a variety of dances choreographed by the members reflecting their creativity, since most of them are self-taught in their expression of dance routines. The popular actress, dancer, TV presenter, singer, Nehara Pieris will be the featured star with Torrential. Lasantha Silva the leader of Torrential who won the second place in the Dancing Stars Competition Season II revealed that “the show will contain 25 dance items in a variety of themes.

We have included some Michael Jackson favourites like “Too Bad”, “Dangerous”, “Black or White” to name a few. South Indian film dances are popular today. We haven’t forgot the music of Bathiya ‘N Santhush and the group will be dancing our adaptation of hip-hop dance to their music.

Then of course we can’t leave out the popular Bollywood routines which are fast moving and captivating, and Tamil dance choreography. All in all it is going to be a spectacular show that we have created and we would appreciate it if any organisation would lend a helping hand.”

Torrential apart from Lasantha comprises Asanga de Silva and Nadeesha Alahapperuma who won the first place in “The Best Dance Group” in the City of Dance Competition 2009” organised by Derana. Supun Abeysinghe the youngest member of Torrential was the winner of “The Best Solo Dancer in the City of Dance Competition 2009. The show will be held at the Ummu Maleeha Memorial Hall, Panadura in time for the festive season that will soon be upon us. With the popular actress Nehara Pieris, who won the 5th place in the Dancing Stars Competition, Season I, in the spotlight, this show packed with tremendous dancing talents will be a memorable one for the audience to take back home with them.

Tritonizing Triton!

After a brief hiatus, we bring back the band stand featuring some of the most electrifying names in our local music scene. With a new image to make you stop and stare and faces that will catch you quite unawares, we introduce the first of the rockers who are the tritonizing band called Triton.

These dudes have come a long way from their humble days of subtle music and have opted for a more KISS-like craze. In case you’re wondering who the band known as Triton are, meet Kanishka, Mark, Ivan, Gavin and Manjula. Kanishka is the lead vocal guy who can belt just with much power as KISS boys Paul, Ace and Peter. However, he does need the help of his mates like Mark who is their drummer dude, the bass-playing ace, Gavin and the rifty-shifty guitar gurus Ivan and Manjula to tackle the train of vibe.

Completely not recognising them on stage, I asked the dudes what was with the image change from their days of Keezer? “We decided to go for something unconventional and even though it was relatively different, we quite welcomed a new look”, said Kanishka. The new image is rather cool and with Halloween just over, it was the ideal show to put a spook on.

“After our former member Sahan left for studies abroad, we thought that we needed to prove our point by rocking and rolling and pulling off the KISS outlook,” adds Gavin with a wink. Obviously the name came from the God Triton, right?

“Yes, Triton is the God or Messenger of the Sea and it can be unpredictable so we thought it was the suitable name to describe us as you don’t know what to expect,” said Kanishka who has grown his curly locks to make a budding rock statement. Not knowing what to expect, I learnt that these guys are willing to seriously strut their metal for future gigs too. Amidst the Triton language, the guys tell that their major influences would be KISS (DUH!), Judas Priest, Dio and Iron Maiden. “We’re not into death metal and we like to keep a clean image. said Manjula.

Advising the new metal kids on the block, Triton says, “If you have the talent, you should go for it. Also, you should always practise, practise and practise. You should have discipline and build chemistry with your mates because it should be fun to play in a band and not just work!”

The Tritonizing dudes say that they pray together before they go onstage.

“We respect our friends in the other bands but we also keep our name and clean image when it comes to getting on stage and competing with others.

However, it’s all good fun at the end of the day and a pleasant experience,” they said.

Triton acknowledges God Almighty, their supportive parents who fed them and put up with the music, their loyal girlfriends, their alma mater St. Peter’s College, Tanya and the TNL crew, Yasintha, Malinda, Ryan Arsecularatne, Johnson Brothers, Nisala, their friends and fans who have stood by them through the turbulent tide.

Shaheena comes alive

‘Shaheena Live’ the maiden show of Bathiya ‘N Santhush with all the attractive trimmings will come alive on November 28 at the St. Joseph’s College Auditorium at 7 p.m. The show will also showcase Ashanthi, Randhir, Umara and Sachith Pieris. ‘Shaheena Live’ media sponsors are the Sunday Observer, Daily News, Silumina, Dinamina and also Rhythm FM and Lite FM. A presentation of Lions International District 306 B -1 in association with DK Promotions, the show is a fundraiser to donate a Blood Gas Analyser with facilities for electrolytes for the Paediatric Medical Intensive Care Unit of the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital and also towards the cost of cataract surgeries for IDPs in Vavuniya and Mannar.

Shaheena the album apart from the title track contains interestingly arranged songs like Hitha Naambara Thaleta, Gum Nade, Kasthuri, Rung Rung Gaga, Feel My Love, Oya Mage Nam, Madu Suwandak, Pathu Pem Pathum and a reggae Kasthuri.

According to Santhush the album contains the best songs they did in 2008 and was intended for the Sri Lankan market when they tied up with Lux Beauty Brand.The album contains the spirit of Bathiya ‘N Santhush and this will be evident when they sing the songs on stage. The music singles are all BNS originals and the album contains the hit singles and lead track of the sound track of Asai Mang Piyambanna and also the sound track from the movie Adare Namayen (Feel My Love).

Bathiya ‘N Santhush despite what opinions other musicians may nurse have so far been the only pop group that created a new identity in Sinhala music and filled the void that youth were searching for.

Their fan base is unbelievable, they speak the same language of the youth and in the years to come their music will undoubtedly move into the category of evergreens. So if you are one of those committed fans of BNS then make sure you are with them in the evening of November 28 to experience their lilting music with meaningful lyrics. Shaheena the beauty comes alive with BNS.

Tickets are available at Torana, Commercial Bank Building Wattala, Video International Nawala and

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