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SLRFU accounts cleared by AG

SLRFU: It may be recalled than in the latter part of the year 2008, the office of my presidency came under adverse media publicity instigated by a few disgruntled sources who alleged gross mismanagement and abuse of union funds either by design or omission of duty by me or the committee of management.

These allegations received wide and negative media publicity the content of which caused me and my family untoled pain of mind and embarrassment to the extent that it had far reaching adverse effects on my profession as a Senior DIG who was serving in the war front in the now infamous war concluded to restore perpertual peace in our country.

The said allegations, innuendo, baseless and unkind accusations affected my jealously guarded professional integrity as a very senior officer of the Sri Lanka Police service who served with unquestionable dedication, loyality and commitment in the battle against terror in the operational areas in the Northern and Eastern regions of the country.

Although I wish to treat the related allegations with the contempt it deserves, I have decided advisedly to rebute the said allegations as it now seems over whelmingly clear to all concerned that the recently released audit report by no less than the Auditor General regarded the supreme authority on the management or otherwise of public funds have totally cleared the SLRFU of the 2008 period.

The crux of the much publicized allegations includes gross mismanagement of the affairs of the SLRFU committee of which I was the President, interestingly the Ministry for Sports which is the final authority of matters affecting every sport of the country had been misguided on the basics of the fundamentals of the administration of SLRFU before they decided to go public with facts that were totally misleading, erroneous and malicious.

However, it is a matter of record that at my instance the contentious issues were referred to the Auditor General regarded the sole authority charged with the policing of public accounts. As a matter of principle, and a prerequisite for any sports body to conform with and that is to submit the financial affairs if any sports body for final analysis of the financial management of the SLRFU. I am now satisfied beyond any measure that the report of the A.G. has vindicative my committee and me of any financial mismanagement or abuse of power which has served the sport with unquestionable integrity and professional commitment.

Financial declarations/opinion

As seen by my investigation and the maximum information and explanations provided to me, proper accounting records have been maintained by the Sri Lanka Rugby Union for the financial year ended December 31, 2008. Except the implication on re financial declarations mentioned in para 2.2 in my opinion the position of the Sri Lanka Rugby Union as at December 31, 2008 and the financial result and operations of Sri Lanka Rugby Union as at date sources is true and fair as financial statements and transaction have been carried out in accordance with Sri Lanka accounting standards.

We in the SLRFU were committed to take Sri Lankan Rugby to the next level, whatever the decision taken at that time were done in the best interest of the game, which some may not have liked. It, as it did not cater for their agenda.It is now patently clear that this entire episode was the brain child of certain interested parties who were hell bent on destroying the image of the organisation, but more important to subject me as a person to public ignominy since they were unable to manipulate the affairs of the SLRFU according to their whims and fancy. I have sought legal relief through my lawyers. For the damage they did to me personally all relevant documents and evidence were refereed to the lawyers.

Nimal Lewke,

Senior DIG of Police

Northern Province,

President ARUF/SLRFU


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