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Marriage Proposals
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An educated son sought by Sinhala R.C.G. parents for their 29 yrs old 5'7" fair slim well employed graduate daughter residing overseas with parents.

Affluent, educated, Chrisitan parents living abroad seek professionally qualified young man from a similar background for their 21-year-old, well mannered, well brought up, slim and pretty daughter. She is currently in the fourth year of Law School. Please reply:

Affluent B/Salagama academic Engineer parents seek Doctor / PhD / Engineer settled in Canada, USA for Accountant daughter 34, 5'5", pretty, Canadian PR with Canadian Finance Degree, employed in a leading Canadian firm. Coconut estate, cash over Rs. 1.5 million and jewellery. Kuja in 8. Those with Kuja 1, 7, 8 especially considered. Reply to the assigned number or

Academically / professionally qualified established partner sought for daughter Sinhala Buddhist 40, postgraduate qualified (MBA) Business Consultant, Trainer, fair and attractive. Differences considered. Write with horoscope. Email:

Academically / professionally qualified partner sought by G/B parents for professionally qualified daughter born 1973 Nov. height 5'3" slim medium complexioned. Presently holding PhD post-doc engagement prestigious Research Institute California. Caste difference considered. Please reply with horoscope. May reply in Sinhala too. E-mail:

Academically and professionally qualified partner with sober habits is sought by Salagama Buddhist parents for their fair smart MBBS Doctor daughter 30 yrs 5' with means.

Academically / professionally qualified partner from Sri Lanka or Australia sought by Sinhala Buddhist parents from Colombo suburb for attractive, fair, 5'2", Colombo Convent educated daughter (29 years - 1 1/2 months) Completed MBA (Australia) and CIM (London). Substantial assets. Employed in a managerial capacity. Awaiting Australian PR. Please furnish full details, horoscope and contact number. Email:

Academically, professionally qualified & well-mannered partner from a respectable family is sought by Sinhala Buddhist parents living in Australia for their pretty, well-mannered, brought-up with Buddhist values and professionally qualified 24 yr daughter, preferably from Australia. Please reply with family details, contact No. horoscope to

Academically / professionally qualified partner (preferably a Doctor) with good values is sought by Govi/Durawa parents for pretty fair MBBS Doctor daughter 25 yrs, 5'6" tall. Dual citizen Sri Lanka - Australia. Inherit assets. Differences immaterial. Please reply with horoscope.

Academically professionally qualified partner sought by Govi Buddhist Colombo resident mother for pretty fair young looking Visakhyian MSc IT University Lecturer 37, 5'3" daughter, presently nearing completion PhD on scholarship in Australia PR holder substantial assets including house, on short vacation in April. 0112836738.

Academically / Professionally qualified partner below 30 yrs. (Preferably USA resident) is sought by B/K parents in Colombo for their very pretty daughter 26+, 5'1" double Degree holder and presently persuing Masters degree in USA. Inherits substantial assets. Reply with horoscope and family details Email: or

A suitable partner sought by G/B parents in US, for their 32 year old daughter 54, educated and brought up in US, holds a bachelors degree and reading for masters, working as substitute teacher. US, Canada residents preferable. Self replies also welcome. Reply with details and horoscope to

A qualified professional or well employed Malay or Moor partner is sought by Malay mother for her pretty, slim and well mannered 32 year old daughter brought up with good Islamic values, employed in a leading international firm. Willing to migrate if necessary. No divorcees please. Please reply with full details. Email:

A kind hearted well mannered teetotaller respectable professional below 40 years sought by mixed respectable family for their kind hearted good looking daughter 36 years 5'1" unblemished character pleasing personality graduate in languages about to complete Masters Degree Research in library and information science possesses valuable property and assets she is the youngest in the family with two accomplished elder siblings well employed familied with children residing in Western Countries the eldest brother Doctor married  to a Doctor elder sister married both working in airlines Reply with details horoscope and contact email:

B.G. parents seek professionally qualified pleasant tall partner below 37 for very fair, pretty slim daughter 32 years 5'6" M.Sc. UK IT Specialist. Reply with required details & contact 0382236317.

B/G mother seeks partner for young-looking daughtrer 1974 5'3" working in semi-Govt Board. Following ICASL Final II. Inherits new upstair house and car. Email:

B/G Gampaha brother seeks suitable partner for their Accountant pretty young looking sister unmarried 52 yrs, 5'1" own house those living abroad also will be considered.

B/G Colombo business parents seek partner for daughter B.Com(Sp), CIMA part qualified 43, 5'1" Budget Assistant assets worth million.

B/G Sinhalese parents living in Australia seek a partner for their daughter 29 years, 5'6" an Australian qualified Accountant, presently employed. Ideal partner should be able to settle in Australia. Please respond with family details and horoscope to

Buddhist Govi parents seek an academically / professionally qualified partner aged between 39 - 46 years for their very beautiful smart unblemished character, kind hearted daughter brought up respecting Sinhala Buddhist values. She is 5'5" qualified with PhD and securely employed in a reputed University in USA. Our search is for a never married suitable partner to share her life and promising career.  Replies from those living in Sir Lanka and willing to relocate to USA are also welcome. She stands to inherit substantial assets. Please reply with full details and horoscope to :

B/G parents from Australia seek academically and professionally qualified, non smoking partner for their well brought up, slim, good looking daughter, a Doctor by profession working in Brisbane, 26 years 55. Caste immaterial. Responses from Australia and NZ preferred. Please  reply to Email

Colombo suburbs respectable B/G business parents seek educated well mannered handsome son for only daughter, 28 yrs. 53 She is fair pretty religious and educated. Reply with the horoscope. T.P. 0112896576.
OB-1481, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo.  

Colombo Buddhist Graduate parents father Engineer mother Institute Head two daughters younger graduated Singapore employed their elder daughter graduate government employee age 27 looking for educated partner. Her registration legally nullified never stayed together.  Kanya, Deta, Kuja 2. Reply with horoscope and details. E-mail

Catholic parents from Colombo seek an educated, professionally qualified, caring partner to end up in marriage with their daughter age 25, fair & pretty educated at a leading Colombo convent. She is BSc. qualified and presently working in the private sector.

Catholic parents seek professionally qualified well employed tall son above 5'10" with good character for Convent educated younger daughter 27+ slim fair tall graduate executive owns house. Email:

Devoted Christian mother Jaffna Tamil residing in New Zealand seek suitable marriage partner age 36-39 academically and professionally qualified Born again or God fearing Christian, no smoking and drinking preferably Jaffna Tamil for her daughter age 36+, height 5'3", young looking pleasing personality, qualified Diploma in Applied Science, New Zealand citizen, attending A.O.G. Church in New Zealand. Currently working as a Laboratory Technician. Those who reside in New Zealand or Australia will only be considered. Please contact 0112715911 in Sri Lanka. E-mail:

Engineer daughter New Zealand 24 yrs Buddhist Salagama parents seek tall and smart partner. Caste irrelevant. Reply with horoscope.

G B parents seek for their charming doctor daughter, 25 yrs, old, with excellent character, born and educated in England, a partner over 5'8" with similar background, preferably a doctor. Email address:

G/B brother living in Australia wishes to introduce his only sister qualified Accountant attractive smart fair, 5'3" to an academically professionally qualified partner between 37 - 43 for a brief friendship leading to marriage if compatible, send details with Tel. No.

G/B parents seek an educated partner for their 24 years daughter LLB (UK) graduate currently following Attorneys final planning to go abroad for higher studies, please reply with family details and horoscope.

G/B respectable family seeks suitable partner for their youngest sister MSc Graduate System Analyst (Executive) in a reputed authority drawing a substantial salary and inherits  a dowry possesses a own car 5'3" thirty seven. Reply with full details telephone number and the horoscope.

Govi Buddhist mother retired teacher from respectable family seeks suitable partner for her daughter. She is 34 years 5'1" fair slim pretty educated (B.Sc/PGD) and works as an Assistant Secretary for a Government Sector (GOSL). Reply with horoscope & family details in English / Sinhala.

Galle B/G teacher parents seek academically and professionally qualified partner for daughter 30 yrs. 5'3" plesant looking BSc Civil Engineer (Peradeniya) Postgraduate (Australia). Currently in Sri Lanka. Contact with details 0912244260.

Govigama Kandyan Christian parents living in Malaysia seek a partner for our only daughter in early thirties, looks much younger, Australian education with Degree in Marketing and working as an Executive overseas. We seek a good educated boy preferably Doctor, Engineer or similar status in thirties for early marriage. He can settle in Malaysia or she is willing to settle in Australia.

G/B parents from Colombo seek a life Partner for their academically, professionally qualified, very beautiful, 5'4" young looking, fair, talented caring daughter with excellent character, holding a mangerial position in a reputed organization. Brief proposed marriage (deceptive) dissolved. No encumbrance. Looking for educated, handsome, son with good qualities, between the age 34 - 40 inherits a house, cash, vehicle & other assets. Send horoscope

G/B parents in US seeking a suitable partner for their slim, medium complexion, 29 years old daughter 55. Holds a B.Sc. and following post graduate studies in Pharmacology completing in 2011. US and Canada residents are preferable. Reply with horoscope and details to

Govi Buddhist parents seek for their daughter, 34, Trainee Solicitor now in London, fair, attractive, 5'2", divorced with no encumbrances,  a suitable partner with sober habits, preferably below 40 years.

Galle B/G respectable parents seek a partner for 33, 5'1" fair daughter employed as a Legal Officer in a reputed bank. Preferably Doctors, Engineers & Lawyers. (Shani Mangala Yoga horoscope). 011-3172053.

Highly qualified groom below 36 is sought by respectable parents for their Doctor daughter fair pretty, 31. Reply with horoscope and family details. Divorcees with no encumbrances also considered. Email:

I am 40 female never married and a graduate from an Australian University. I am financially independent and living in my own fully furnished unit. I have a sister, one year my junior, who is a Medical Specialist married to another Medical Specialist. My mother is a homemaker and father also a Medical Specialist, recently retired. I am G/B, but caste not essential. I come from a close and supportive family. I would like to hear from interested parties, preferably living in Australia, Victoria in particular. Horoscope available if necessary. Replies to

Kandian G/B parents seek accidemically and professionaly qualified partner for their daughter 34 yrs fair slim 5'2" a qualified Engineer working as a Lecturer in a Local University respond with horoscope details to chin  0662224670.

Moor mother seeks professionally qualified partner for 37, 5'4" BSc, AMI, Teacher willing to migrate. Self written replies accepted.

Moor mother seeks a suitable partner for her daughter age 26 divorced with 2 kids. Contact:

Malay parents seek partner for daughter 33 pretty fair divorced Admin. Manager empoyed overseas living with family.

Moor parents from respectable family in Colombo seek professionally  qualified religious partner for their daughter who is a graduate, fair, 23 yrs, and 5'6" height. Please respond with full details, email:

Professional Sinhalese Buddhist parents, living overseas are seeking groom for their 32 year old only daughter with Law and Business management degrees and  employed in London. Those working in England and under 37 years are preferable. Caste immaterial. Please send relevant details and a copy of the horoscope. Email:
OB-1488, C/o Sunday Observer, Lake House, Colombo.  

Professional Buddhist parents in Australia, mother Kandyan, father from South, seek professionally and academically qualified, handsome, good charactered partner preferably Doctor for only child, Medical Research Officer and reading PhD, 23 yrs, 5'4", pretty daughter with inherited assets over 1.5 million Aus in both countries, Kuja 4th and Rahu 7th Houses. Reply with full details with horoscope, email:-

Partner sought by brother for pretty, fair, slim young looking elder sister 39, 63", science graduate holding good post in Government. Divorced innocent party, no children, owns car, house in Colombo suburbs. Planning to migrate to Canada soon. Caste immaterial. Buddhist family. Elder brother settled in Canada, younger sister migrated to Australia. Reply with full details and contact information.

Respectable and well connected Catholic parents residing in Europe, European citizen seek a suitable partner for their eldest daughter 29 years old, 5'5", well accomplished, kind honest down to earth with pleasing personality, an excellent character, value Srilankan culture, professionally qualified in beauty cultural field and employed in a beauty cultural institution. Only a younger sister employed in UK. The proposed girl is hoping to settle down in UK after marriage. Please write with details to Email:  Parents will be Srilanka after 15th of January. Contact Tel. No. 2646895.

Respectable Buddhist Bathgama parents seek professionally qualified son for their younger daughter 36 years 5'2" absolute beautiful very fair in complexion slim, BA, MA graduate employed in public sector, inherits substantial assets, sister and brother highly qualified professionals and well established willing to migrate depending on the partner caste immateried reply Sinhla / English with family details horoscope. 0353351350.

Relatives seek Christian educated cultured financially stable partner (60 - 65 yrs) for divorcee 59+, self employed professional teen daughter currently with spouse foreigners willing reside in Sri Lanka considered.

Suitable qualified partner is sought by G/B mother for her daughter 44, 5'5" well mannered pleasant working overseas as executive she inherits house financial assets Kuja in 7. Reply with details.

Sinhalese BG Professional parents seek an educated partner for their daughter Physician in USA. 31 years old. Please reply with horoscope and family details. Email

Sinhala Buddhist parents living in Australia invite proposals for academically and professsionally qualified 32 pleasant attractive well-mannered daughter, brought-up with Buddhist values, looking for a professionally qualified partner with similar background and preferably living in Australia or overseas. Please reply with family details, horoscope to

Western Province Buddhist S/G parents seek for their daughter 34, 5'3" pretty  slim vegetarian BA and MA graduate reading for an MBA. Executive in prestigious company a smart educated son fluent in English from similar background . She's willing to migrate if necessary. Tel: 0342224074,


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