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Heavenly High at Hanthana

The Hanthana Mountain range is a beautiful delightful set of hill tops which are stunning with lush panoramic views. Overlooking grassy plains and eucalyptus trees lining the estates, you will see friendly faces of the estate workers greeting you. Driving breezily along the well-paved road, you will meander on the first and second Circular Roads which lead up to the Hanthana Housing Scheme.

Also, the Forest Reserve road where the Circuit Bungalow is located offers sightings of hedgehogs, mongoose, rabbit and occasional wild boar spottings. The best aspect about Hanthana and the housing scheme is that the residents live in harmony with the animals and the peaceful and serene environment is testament of that.

The range is also a big hit with hikers and adventure seekers where they do a good hike by traveling up to the point which has seen rapid development in the form of communication towers. The Hanthana mountain range comprises of more than seven peaks dotted gracefully.

Hanthana is spread on the outskirts of Kandy from which many glorious rivulets and streams flow. One such stream flows past the village of Udaperadeniya and the University. The Hanthana mountain range spans from Galaha to Kandy with a spanning direction which is from north-west to south-east. 

Among the seven peaks, the forth peak is the highest and the Katusukonda is the last peak and slightly dangerous part of this mountain range. If you want to cover the entire Hanthana range, you can start the hike from Nilambe Meditation Center side and end from Kandy side.

The highest peak is the “Uura kanda” offering a delightful view with a steep slope but during windy days you cant even stand there.

Up ahead, you will notice the anthurium farm which is one of the great stopover places and you can spot the Rose-Ringed Parakeet, Black-hooded oriole, the Brahimy Kite eagle, White-throated kingfisher, Crimson fronted and brown-headed barbet and the Hill Mynah.

However, there are obstacles like the nearby Paradise Park which is a massive real estate development site that needs to have building designing on par with mother nature. In addition to this, the nearby temple on the other side of the range overlooking the sewage plant is in dire need of assistance.

The people live on precarious boulders where landslides are bound to occur any minute. The people pay money to the temple to live in the area but they are at risk.

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