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Marriage Proposals
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A Buddhist Sinhala Salagama doctor brother in Canada seeks a groom for his sister 5ft, 42years, attractive medium complexion & pleasant. She is a Lecturer working in a Sri Lankan University. Owns substantial assets, local/overseas proposals welcome.

Academically/professionally qualified partner from well connected respectable family age below 35, height above 5'8" sought by S/B retired parents in Colombo for 28 years 5'6" slim attractive daughter graduated from perstigious US University as Software Engineer currently doing M.Sc. Owns assets in Colombo. Kethu 7, Sitha nekatha. Please reply with details, horoscope. E-mail:

A suitable is sought by B/K mother residing in UK with the daughter well qualified Chartered Secretary only child, with lots of assets in London & Sri Lanka. Partner should be well qualified Chartered Accountant or Engineer slim build fair taller, age should be not less than 40 years of age. Please reply with horoscope and family & contact details. Tel. 4-879680.

An educated kind caring son sought by G/B father retired Colonel of Sri Lanka Army for daughter 22+, 5'3" fair pretty studied at a leading school completed Diploma in Fashion Designing at LIFT. Now working living with grandmother (Parents in USA - greencard due few months). USA residents most welcome. Reply with details horoscope.

Academically professionally qualified divorced and having two grown-up sons. They are Independent 47 years, 5 feet height, fair complexion, beautiful, very healthy well matured lady. Wishes to meet a professional with similar status as a lifetime partner, to marry. More preference for overseas established, 50 - 56 years old lone Buddhist persons. ,

A professionally qualified partner below 55 yrs. is sought in Sri Lanka / Overseas for divorced innocent party, G/B 42 years 5'3" in height with a child. She is working & doing higher studies overseas. She possesses Sri Lankan values, fair in complexion and attractive. Religion caste immaterial. Please reply with family details.

Academically / professionally qualified son is sought by affluent GB executive parents live in Colombo for their pretty, slim, fair daughter, age 34, 52, tall. She is a US Green Card Holder. Owns a house and works in US as a Database Engineer, religion, nationality immaterial. Please contact

Academically and professionally qualified partner with sober habits is sought by S/B parents for their fair smart MBBS Doctor daughter 30 yrs., 5' with means. Email -

B/G respectable wealthy family parents seek professionally qualified partner for fair pretty daughter 33 - 5'4" qualified as a doctor (MBBS) and working at a government hospital. Please send your replies with horoscope via post or email. E-mail to

B/G parents seek academically and professionally qualified, non smoking partner already living in NZ or someone who could easily settle down in NZ for their well brought up, slim, good looking daughter a NZ qualified Doctor, 27 years 54. Caste immaterial. Please reply to Email

B/K respectable well-to-do parents seek academically/ professionally qualified son with sober habits from a similar background for  pretty academically & professionally qualified well brought up daughter 29 years, 5'. Reply with family details & horoscope. (Kuja in 8th house). Contact 011-5100017. Email

Catholic Sinhala parents living in Australasia seek a professionally / academically qualified son under 31 years with good oral values and sober habits for their well employed, professionally / academically qualified 24 year old, 53 tall, well mannered, slim, fair, pretty daughter. She is sociable, with an excellent moral character, and sweet natured with good Christian values. She is an avid reader and enjoys music / theatre. Please reply with full details Email:

Cousin seeks professionally qualified well established honest gentleman with sober habits between 40 48 never married no encumbrances for G/B medical Doctor MRCP MRCPCH MRCGP settled in UK. Age 44, slim looking, He should possess stable employment in UK USA Canada or Australia.

Engineer daughter, New Zealand, 24 yrs., Buddhist Salagama parents seek tall and handsome partner. Caste immaterial. Reply with horoscope,

GB UK parents seek for their 25 year old doctor daughter with excellent character born and educated in England, a partner over 5'8" with similar professional background. Reply with horoscope. Email

G/RC parents domiciled in Australia seek  a son for their 29 yr. old, 5'7", fair, pretty daughter who is professionally qualified and well employed. E-mail:

G/B parents seek professionally / academically qualified son for daughter age 27+ IT Hons. graduate 5'4" slim fair employed as IT Instructor with a house and assets. Please reply with horoscope.

Govt. retired parents seek academically & professionally qualified partner (below 40) for their daughter 33, 5'2", slim and pretty, Pharmacist, BSc graduate, reading for Masters Degree, brothers doctor, Engineer. All details and horoscope in first letter. email -

G/B Colombo parents seek a suitable partner for young looking daughter 1975, 5'3" J'Pura Graduate and Chartered qualified Accountant (ICASL) working in a private sector. Inherits house.

Gampaha G/B mother seeks educated partner for her educated (ICASL-Finalist) pretty daughter. 1974, 5'3" working semi-government board, drawing high salary. Inherits vehicle & upstair house.

G/B business parents residing in Colombo seek an educated partner for their 33, 5'4" young looking educated daughter. Inherits house two storied business place & other valuable assets.

Professionally qualified, smart, teetotaller non-smoker, age between 31-36 partner sought by Sinhala Catholic family from Kadawatha for B.Sc. Accounting, Chartered qualified sister, attractive, fair, 5'1", securely employed, 31 years. Religion immaterial. Please furnish full details and contact number. 0112955218.

Retired B/K/G  parents residing Colombo seek partner Doctor / Engineer for only daughter employed executive with CIMA qualifications, 32, pretty, owns 2 storeyed modern house Kotte and a vehicle, brother engineer U.S.A.

Sinhala Catholic mother looking for an educated partner below 33 for her fair, attractive daughter 28, 5'5" inherits house with substantial assets working in Australia. Currently on vacation for three weeks in Sri Lanka. 2245822.

Western G/B father (Rtd. Bank Manager) seeks professionally qualified partner for pretty, fair art graduate eldest daughter 30, 5'2" (Kuja, Rahu, Guru, Shani 8). Reply with family details & horoscope. email:



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