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Many uses of trees

When a mother gives birth to a child he needs a cradle to sleep. When he gets married he needs a special throne-like chair to sit at his wedding ceremony. When he leaves this world, he needs a coffin to be buried in. Cradle, throne and coffin are all made of wood which is provided by trees. So trees are an integral part of human life.

Trees are the livewire of human beings and animals it is said. It means that we need trees in almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Humans and animals need oxygen to live. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and give us oxygen. All of us can get food from trees; they provide us with macronutrients and micronutrients.We get rain because of the trees which also protect the water springs. In addition, we can obtain medicines, fuel, shelter and shade from trees.

Trees beautify the environment and produce various fragrances loved by people. There are many industries which depend on trees for raw material. We export many fruit and medicinal products made from the produce of trees. The sale of flowers and fruits also gives us a good income.

Trees love the environment too, because they protect the soil from erosion, with their roots. Trees also protect the ozone layer which protect us from harmful radiation from the Sun. What's noteworthy is that trees give these things without taking a cent. The destruction of trees will only result in the end of humans. So, be friendly towards trees and protect them like your own life.

Animals are our friends

There are various kinds of animals in the world. Some of them are wild and some others domestic. Some animals have been used by people for work since ancient times. They are the bull, dog, cow, donkey, elephant and horse.

The dog helps to protect our homes and properties. The dog is called man's best friend because it is very loyal and faithful. The cow gives us nutritious milk and manure, the bull helps to carry goods from one place to another. The cat helps to catch mice and was held in high esteem in ancient Egypt.

Some people are kind to animals, but others are not. When people get angry they chase away the animals, even their pets. Sometimes people kill them. Some do not give food, shelter and protection to them when they need it. But animals are our friends. The zebra, the giraffe, the deer and the rabbit are innocent animals. We must protect both domestic and wild animals because they are a part of our world and most of them are also useful to us in many ways.

Life story of an old book

My name is "Merchant of Venice" written by William Shakespeare. I am the most interesting drama of all times. People call me a great literary masterpiece of Shakespeare. I am now very old, worn and torn. I am lying in an old bookshop without any attention.

I still remember my young days. I was a brand new book at a bookshop. It was 1994. I was sold to a soldier. He used me with great care. He took me wherever he went. He read me during his leisure.

He was transferred, to serve in the battle field in Jaffna. It was in 2001. He had already read me completely by then. But as he enjoyed reading me over and over again he took me along with him to Jaffna. Jaffna was raging with war during this period. I heard firing and bombing from dawn to dusk. My master's fellow soldiers were dying everyday in the battle. Luckily my master managed to survive in the battle for a long time. He used to read me even in the battle- front, when he was not in combat. However, he could not avoid being killed, always. I still remember the dreadful day when my master was killed in action. I was in his bag. No one rescued me. I was lying on the ground for months in the Sun and rain. But one fine day, a poor person who came that way picked me up. He could not read me for he was illiterate. The next day he took me to an old bookshop and sold me for just ten rupees. I have been in the shop for months looking for someone to take me. But still I pray for my old master and the poor man who rescued me.

Pinki, my pet

My pet is a parrot. Its name is Pinki.

It is green in colour and has a beack which is red.

It is a talkative bird. It likes to talk with me.

Pinki likes to eat lots of fruits.

Solving the garbage problem

Garbage disposal has become a huge problem for town dwellers as well as for urban authorities. Our homes, hotels, restaurants, markets, offices, factories etc. put out tons of rubbish.The authorities have to find dumping sites for the garbage. Then people who live around such dumping sites protest about them. No one likes to live next to a garbage dump because its unhygienic and also stinks.The authorities have to find not only new sites but also transport to carry the rotting garbage to these far away sites. Sometimes people at these new sites also protest and sometimes the drivers, labourers and officials are attacked. As a result garbage is not collected.People throw their rubbish on roadsides. Crows, stray cattle, dogs and cats throng these places looking for food. They tear the bags and scatter the garbage on the roads. The once beautiful environment becomes an eyesore, then.

Handicrafts of Sri Lanka

We are Sri Lankans-a proud race with a claim to a rich heritage, which we inherited from our forefathers. This heritage embraces many spheres and 'handicrafts' is one of them.

Handicrafts, in definition, means crafts requiring the skill of the hand. Most Sri Lankan handicrafts are endemic. This is so because, material used in creating these items are not available everywhere and also because of certain historical reasons.

Many areas in the country are popular for handicrafts. One such area which specialises in its own handicrafts is Ambalangoda, situated in the southern part of the country. Ambalangoda is famous for its exquisite masks and puppets. Each one of these items is cleverly carved and decorated with bright colours. Dumbara is yet another area that creates its own special type of handicrafts - mats. These mats called 'kalala' are woven in different patterns using colourful dyes, mostly eye-catching crimson. Some of these gorgeous designs include the handkerchief, deer and spider designs.

Kundasale and Pilimathalawe are tremendously popular for their brass work and sliver work. They are greatly admired by many people, especially tourists.However, a majority of these handicraft producers are very poor, despite how hard they work. This is because they market their products to agents at low prices, but the agents export or sell these products at very high prices. In order to solve this problem, the state and responsible people must get involved and prepare a plan which would enable handicraft producers to sell their products at profitable prices. The place they have in society would gradually improve with the increase in their financial status. They would become more interested in their jobs and produce a larger number of handicrafts, which when sold, would in turn help the economy of our little isle grow. Our traditional handicrafts need to be protected and given the necessary backing to be continued for many long years.

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