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Guidelines for Ministry Secretaries

The new Secretaries to Ministries appointed by President Mahinda Rajapaksa are undergoing a program of orientation in their tasks by the Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga.

Based on his wide experience in the Public Service and as Secretary to the President and former Prime Minister, Weeratunga is making the new Secretaries and their key officers, aware of the tasks they have to face, the difficulties ahead, the pitfalls they could face and the manner they can best deliver in the tasks allotted to them.

The orientation program is part of President Rajapaksa's interest in ensuring that those at the highest levels of the public service set an example in making a distinctive change for the better, in the manner of administration and interaction with the public.

The orientation program lays emphasis on achieving the government's goals for development and the need for key officials of ministries, headed by their Secretaries to ensure the smooth work, good interaction with the Treasury and other ministries, as well as keeping in touch with the aspirations, feelings and concerns of the public.


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