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Next population census in 2011

The Director, Department of Census and Statistics, H. R. Gunasekera announced, the next census on the Sri Lankan population will be held in 2011. This will be the first post-war census to take place in three decades.

Gunasekera said, the procedure of carrying out the census is already completed now and the department is scheduled to cover all the Grama Niladhari (GN) divisions of the country. For simplifying the counting task, they divided a GN division into 150 building units (census blocks).

Hence during the process the department will cover 80,000 distinct census blocks.

He said that they will employ all the department staff with nearly 80,000 enumerators and district administrative officers, GAs and AGAs for collecting, counting and the administration process.

It is planned to offer special training programs to the respective department and non- department staff members at selected training centers.

Gunasekera said, the questionnaire for the next census slightly differs from the previous years censuses and the department had already taken pre-defined steps to overcome the shortcomings of the process.

During the next census, the department will use modern technical equipment to upgrade the quality and efficiency of the process.

Major budgetary requirements for the census will be provided by the government and the donor agencies may amalgamate with the government for staff training and awareness programs. International organisations such as the UN, convey technical support for the process. Gunasekera said, census information is the one of the most important and considerable facts are collected when the development programs take place.

Hence, the department needs the public support to gain their accurate and updated information.

Furthermore he said, the general public will not fear to disclose their true details to the enumerators, because the department does not reveal the provided facts to any other third party even if the court ordered it to do so.

Inability to control movements of the people adversely effects the census process. So, the director census invites the public to ensure that each person is counted once and only once at the census.


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