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Mangala Niyarepola's holiday proves profitable with RCGC title

GOLF:A true champion emerged at the 89th Royal Colombo Golf Club Championships. He is Mangala Niyarepola who is in Sri Lanka on a holiday from his official work as a solicitor in England.

He started playing golf seriously in 2005 in England and the number of hours that he was able to put in from besides his official duties as a lawyer. Mangala has been able to come a long way, as he is such a dedicated player. He has won quite a few tournaments in England at club level in singles and doubles in 2006 and he was the first player of Asian origin to win some eye-catching tournaments. He has won quite a few tournaments in England.

He is a solicitor from his own firm and he has a son too who has taken to the game from 2004.

Mangala Niyarepola was the first Asian to win at club Airlink GC in London and has made his presence felt there in no uncertain manner. At the RCGC Tournament here, Mangala Niyarepola was in a close battle for top honours with Nimal Wettimuny and the two squared up at the 16th hole, but Niyarepola struck a birdie in the 17th hole to go 1 up and he also won the 18th to become RCGC's champion this year being 1-up. Niyarepola has won many charity golf tournaments while he has been here on holiday, but his triumph at the 89th Royal Colombo Golf Championship will live long in his memory.

Besides his golf, Mangala also plays cricket, tennis and squash. He represented Sri Lanka Lawyers Team at golf in England in 2004 and 2005.

Being a professional lawyer does not allow much time for extra-curricular activities, but Mangala somehow has been able to squeeze in around 6 hours a day for golf to keep him going and not lose touch with the game he loves. A.C. de S.


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