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Lion flag our pride

When freedom comes
Commemorating that day
We remember our Lion
The banner of pride
A Majestic Lion
Makes a brave nation
Fearless and forward
Unhesitant in valour
The Lion makes remember
Our historic past
When our kings triumphed
The battles we won
Sad episodes in history
Keeps brevity in check
The grandeur of the nation
Upheld till the end
The flag as remembered
Flying high that day
Still keep hoisted
Until our dying day
Our children will begin
To love the Lion flag
To raise up every instance
When freedom passes on

Miran Perera

Oh! Mother Lanka

Oh! Mother Lanka!
Though many anguish years have
gone by
Your people still grieve and cry
Since they from shore to shore
Have sadly failed to re-mix or
Rebuild once more
With peace
God - given chance has luckily
Come their way
So dear brothers let all
With justice and fairplay
Open their hearts and minds
Without delay
Seize this chance re-mix and
Rebuild dear Mother Lanka now
And to a single National Flag bow

Rodney Mervin Downall

Our Captain

Oh Captain, brave Captain
The ship you steered
Smashing the iceberg
The iceberg of terrorism
And turned the ship
Towards the harbour
The harbour of Democracy

Oh Captain, great Captain
Unshaken by violent waves
You sail, you sail the ship
Towards the harbour
The harbour of prosperity

Oh Captain, Our Captain
Facing the iceberg, violent storms
Tsunamis, pirates
With far sightedness and experience
We are sure, confident
You have courage to steer
The ship, the ship of Mother Lanka
To the harbour, the harbour of
A bright future !


Murali, the hero

Murali you are dynamic
You are divinely unique
You are just outstanding
In the cricketing world
All that matters is
You are the first to surprise
Shane Warne's record
And acquire 800 wickets
In the cricketing world of spin bowling
You are the pride and joy of Sri Lanka
Murali you are the greatest
As modest as you are
You have climbed
The highest peak of glory
Thank you, Murali
For all the pleasure
You have given us
Throughout your cricketing career
Come what may
We shall always remember you
Your feat and unfading smile
With eternal gratitude
Thank you.

Mabel Jayasinghe

Bird feeder

In the rugged brown hard rocky land
In my garden in the Las Vegas home
A single "bottle brush tree" stands
As the sole greenery icon in the backyard
With red hair flowers so bright and long

Its branches drip down politely
As if to kiss its roots holding her beneath
The leaves shatter in the breeze cheerfully
A bird feeder was gifted to this fortune tree
And how beautiful it is now when birds fly to thee

The sparrows and the redheads surround the tree
From dawn to dusk they perform to thee
And pigeons pick the spill under this tree
The birds sing, dance and mate on this tree
And how happy is now this "bottle brush tree"?

Eyes are by this tree the entire day
The ears crave for the birdies' songs
The grains get to the feeder early in the day
She bears more flowers than yesterday
"The bottle brush tree" is the theme of the day

- Nimal Sedera

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