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Laughter in uniform

Three young girls were on a hiking holiday on a very hot day. They came to a shady pool surrounded by trees and bushes, and as there was nobody in sight, jumped in. They splashed about happily for about an hour, then got out and lay in the sun to dry off. When they were about to move off, an army truck drove up and stopped. An officer leaned out and shouted, 'Camouflage company - fall out!' and all the trees ran over to the truck and climbed in.


Two young women's corps typists were discussing the handsome young captain for whom they both worked.
'He's very good-looking', said one.
'Yes-and have you seen him out of uniform?' said the other.
'You bet', said the first girl with a smile.
'No, you don't understand', said her friend. 'what I mean is he dresses so well'.
'Yes, and so quickly too', said the other.


'I don't think I'd like to be anything higher than a corporal', said one private to another.
'I would like to have some friends left!'


A young subaltern in a jeep had become separated from his battalion during military exercises in a remote part of the country and was completely lost.

There was no sign of habitation anywhere nor were there any signposts; so he was quite relieved when he saw a farmer driving a small flock of goats along the road ahead of him. Pulling up alongside he said, 'Excuse me, but could you tell me where this road leads?'
'To my farm', replied the villager.
'Oh' said the officer. 'And where does it lead to in the other direction?'
'Away from my farm', replied the old man.

Wedding Ring

Though the long wished baby arrived, there was much sadness as, it was born with a tightly clenched palm. All efforts of so many medical men failed to open it until at a temple festival, an old man noticed this and pathetically inquired why it was so and was told that from birth attempts to set it alright had failed.

Looking at the family history the old man, realised that the family had generations of notorious pickpockets of the village, and going up to the infant took his golden pocket watch and dangled it before the baby and immediately ‘hey presto’ the baby opened its clenched fingers of the affected palm.

They discovered, the lost ring of the midwife who attended it at birth, her long missed wedding ring!!!

Devakie Punniyakumar, Batticaloa.

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