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Record revenue for Kurunegala police

The Kurunegala Police Division has reported a record revenue of Rs. 80 million for the first 10 months of this year. This is double the revenue the police had collected last year.

The main revenue generator for the Kurunegala Police division has been Court fines collected from traffic offenders and drug offenders which accumulated to over Rs. 60 million.

In addition the police also raided brothels, abortion clinics, unlicensed cattle slaughter houses, hotels operating without permits, illegal sand mining operations and video parlours selling ‘blue’ films. Three unlicensed slaughter houses were raided while one abortion clinic too was raided.

The Kurunegala Police Division comprises 10 police stations. SSP Vaas Gunawardane said that under the guidance of Police Chief, Dr. Mahinda Balasuriya, they have intensified search operations and deployed more police personnel to nab offenders.

“The crime rate has dropped by 80 percent” he said.

He said that over Rs. 40 million was to be paid as commissions and rewards to the Police Department and a share would go to officers.

He said that in a bid to make the Kurunegala area more responsible to the nation, raids were also carried out by the Ceylon Electricity Board to catch people who are using electricity illegally.


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