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Flowers - nature’s wonders

You would have seen that flowers vary from one to another through colour, shape, scent, size and so on.

What actually is a flower? At once you would say that a flower is a part of a plant. It is correct, but we could further define it as the reproductive organ of plants. Plants can also be reproduced through stems, roots and seeds.

There are over a thousand species of flowers all over the world. Orchids, roses, jasmines, anthuriums and tulips are some varieties of flowers.

The carrying of pollen for fertilization is known as ‘pollination’. Bees, butterflies, and various other animals such as birds and also the wind pollinate flowers. Pollination is important in producing new plants.

Flowers like carrion and rafflesia reproduce or are pollinated in a different way to most other flowers. These two flowers look and smell like spoilt meat. So, insects such as files are attracted to these flowers and help in the pollination process.

Flowers produce seeds that are essential to produce new plants. The chief parts found in a flower are the sepals, petals, stem, stigma and pistil. Pollen found on the pistil rub against the stigma, which is sticky, by means of pollination. They travel through the pistil and land on the ovary of the flower. This is known as fertilization, because the formation of seeds takes place.

People use flowers for many purposes. In certain provinces in Sri Lanka, India and Hungary, flowers are grown as export crops too.

Flowers are also offered to the Buddha and many other gods by the people. Flowers also play a key role in the production of perfumes, medicines, decoration of houses at weddings and various functions.

The flower is a fascinating and graceful creation of nature. How much I long to own a huge flower garden and to breathe its fragrance. Wouldn’t you like to do so?

The amazing rainforest

We have been awarded many things such as trees, flowers, animals, oceans, rivers and waterfalls by nature. The rainforests which comprises a variety of all these things are one of the greatest gifts given to Earth.

In our country too we have the Sinharaja rainforest. It is one of the greatest gifts that god has granted our country. The Sinharaja rainforest which is rich in biodiversity is declared a world heritage site. It is the only rainforest in Sri Lanka.

It has been home to the elephant, the leopard, the deer and many other animals. It has been protected for the birds and the bees.

The forest at it lowest is 270 metres above sea level. Its highest point is 1060 metres. Sinharaja has nine hills of which the tallest is Hinipitgala. Its peak is 1170 metres high.

Many streams start from the high ground of the Sinharaja and fall into the big rivers.

There is a small waterfall called Duhuvilli Ella, which makes the waterways rush and gush adding beauty to the land. The attraction of Sinharaja forest, to the visitors, is mainly the vegetation.

However, some come to destroy the beautiful jungle. It is often said that visitors are welcome here as long as they go in, leave nothing behind and take nothing back, except the wonderful memoring of the Sinharaja forest.

Technology in the home

Today most people have lots of helpful machines to make life easier and to save time. Most of them are powered by electricity.

Housework is much easier now than in the past. Those days people did not have washing machines. So, they would spend many hours to wash their clothes by hand. Now, they just spend a few minutes filling the machine and setting the right washing programme.

A washing machine is quite a simple electrical device. It works by mixing dirty clothes up with soapy water. A drum inside the machine rotates to slosh the clothes in the water. Then clean water rinses away the soap and dirt.

A microwave oven is another device that people use. It cooks food very quickly. It does this by sending invisible waves of energy called microwaves into the food.

A hairdryer is often used to dry hair at home or in salons. This is a quicker way of drying one’s hair than waiting for it to dry naturally. .A vacuum cleaner too sucks up dust and dirt. Rushing air carries dust and dirt into a bag, which can then be emptied. Brushes usually help loosen the dust.

Sewing machine were some of the earliest machines in the home. However, in the olden days, they were powered by human effort rather than electricity. The person sewing pushed a pedal back and forth with the feet, to move the needle. Now, an electric motor does all this hard work and numerous stitches too can be used.

A refrigerator, or fridge, keeps food cold by removing heat from inside the cabinet. There are various types of refrigerators today.

Home technology means that people have more time - to work or to relax.Advanced technology has benefited people to a great extent when it comes to carrying out various household chores, especially.


Importance of job satisfaction

A good job always gives a mental satisfaction to the worker or the employee. No one likes to work under pressure. There must be a sound bond between the two parties, the employer and the employee.

People can do their best when they do what they like at their own speed and capabilities. So, a good working atmosphere is very essential for any kind of work.

Everyone likes to make use of his skills, to experience new fields and new ventures.

The best jobs offer a challenge. However, the tasks or the duties assigned must be within the scope of the person entrusted with them.

In short, they must be not only within the person’s capabilities but also be appealing and promising to the employee to be performed successfully. Whatever the dignity and situation of the work may be it should also provide a certain amount of freedom and privilege. The worker also needs to feel responsible for what he does.Through a contented job, team spirit is also enhanced. This is the good result of a successful career.

Workers must also be efficient and also be able to get on with others and be in good terms with his fellow workers.

Job satisfaction partly lies on self-achievement and self-worth or self esteem.

Keeping schools clean

The school is a very important place for school children. It should be kept as a clean and healthy environment. As students we have the responsibility to keep the school clean and tidy. If it looks unclean and untidy, there will not be a good atmosphere for us to do our studies.

There should not be various kinds of things thrown around the school premises. Dumping of garbage, empty bottles and cans should not be done. These things can sometimes be harmful to us. When there is garbage stray animals such as dogs may come into the school premises to eat them. Incidents such as children being bitten by dogs could happen as a result.

The compound also becomes a breeding centre for mosqitoes when garbage is thrown around. It is not good. So, I have to make my friends aware of the bad effects of throwing garbage in the school compound. I will try to tell them about it and get them to clean the school. I will also put up boards in the school garden requesting them to keep the school and the garden clean.

We can also keep dustbins in various places in the school to throw our litter without putting it all over the place.We can do all these things with the help of the principal and teachers. We can advise our sisters to follow these instructions - “stop throwing garbage and keep the school as a beautiful place.”

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