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Be gentle with your pets ..:

Rough handling could lead to trouble

If you love your pets and want to be able to pet them freely, then learn how to handle them properly.

Your pets, whether they are kittens, puppies, adult cats and dogs or birds need to be handled gently. You must be extra careful with dogs and cats (both young and adult) because when they are hurt in any way they could bite or scrape you as a reflex action. So, always be gentle with them. Here are some points to keep in mind.

* Do not try to pick up any animal, especially kittens and puppies by their tails or by just any limb you can get a hold of. Always pick them up with both hands from around their chest area.

* Do not squeeze the animal by holding on to it too tightly. Hold it lightly.

* Never tie any string, cords or bows around thier necks or any other part of their bodies without any adult supervision.Do not tie even collars without an adultís help. You could tie them too tightly and cause poor blood circulation.

* Do not try to touch the animal while it is eating or put your hands into the bowl it is eating from. Most animals do not like to be disturbed when they are eating.

* Never tease your pets, especially using food.

* Do not try to force your pet to do anything it is reluctant to do. If your actions cause any discomfort to the animal it could react by biting or scraping you.

Most pets, especially dogs generally love their owners and do not harm them, even when they are hurt. But all animals are made of flesh and blood and could react, especially when blinded by pain. So, itís best to always be careful by being kind to them and gentle when handling them. - Miru

My pet cat

My pet is a cat. It is black in colour. It has a long tail and four legs. It has very beautiful eyes. It eats meat and loves to drink milk. It lives in the house.

I love my pet cat.

Rosi is playful

My pet is Rosi. She likes to drink milk and eat fish. Rosi is very playful. She is brown in colour and has a long tail.

Rosi plays with me. I love Rosi.

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