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New-Village-ge hosts sports media

Sporty New-Village-ge hosted sports media heads to dinner last week to have a close rapport. "You are free to make any constructive criticism for the betterment of sports, but remember there could be two sides to a story. If there are any allegations, kindly talk to us and get our side of the story as well," he said.

Love-Slave's latest strategy

Sa-Jeet, the Love-Slave is of two minds - whether to grab the party leadership or not. "The President is on a strong wicket and there is hardly any challenge we could pose even if I were to become the leader.

Let someone else take it for the time being and I could take it when the political atmosphere is conducive for us," Love-Slave told Kind-Siri.

Wedding Sam's offer rejected

Wedding Sam, who knows only too well that his political future is bleak, sent am emissary to Love-Slave, offering stealthy support for the reformists. But Love-Slave has rejected accommodating Wedding Sam. "We must not take political bankrupts at a time when we are attempting to resurrect the party," Love-Slave told an inner circle meeting.

Ra-Blue keeps his cool

Ra-Blue is as cool as a cucumber although the reformists in Love-Slave's camp are having day dreams of a revolution in the Elephant Party. Ra-Blue has a secret formula crafted by My-Lick, Vaj Abey and Sa-Rock. "It would be so much near but yet so far for the rebels. Our leader's strategies are far superior to that of the Keselwatte boy," Sa-Rock said.

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