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A silent prayer

It was a gloomy day and the narrator was warming up himself sipping a steaming cup of coffee and was looking at the pouring rain through the window. He wrapped himself in a blanket which kept him warm and listened to the 'pitter patter' of rain. His prayer was that innocent souls may find shelter from the incessant rain. Although the poem is about rain, the poet highlights the plight of the less fortunate poor souls and the narrator's concern about their plight.

The day was dark and dreary
Cold and wet
Skies opened up
Every gust the dead leaf falls
What a gloomy day!
Settled down at the windows
Looking out at the rain
With a cup of hot steaming coffee
And crisps and chips

Gathered cozy cushions
Curled up in a warm blanket
Wrapped up with a book
Listening to the rain
As it pitter patters
My silent prayers
For those poor souls out there
To find shelter
Away from the endless rain

Fazra Ishad


In this poem, the poet sums up the common plight of workers both in the Government and private sector. At the commencement of their career, they worked hard and served the public like a fountain and retire at the age of 55 like a fountain flows into the forest and disappear.

Like a fountain;
Through the banks
Nourishing and
Being of service
To many a man
Facing obstacles,
Flows and flows
For fifty five miles
And then proceeds
Through the dark forest
Unseen and unheard
Into oblivion!

A.Jayalath Basnagoda

Tomorrow ...

The poet skilfully narrates the uncertainties, hopes and aspirations for tomorrow which is yet to dawn. However, the poem ends with a positive note that tomorrow will be better than today. It is positive thinking which makes one's future bright and happy.

Is it a dream,
Is it an illusion,
Or an imagination
Is it the hope
Which adds to our life?

Will it come?
Won't it come?
Will we stay until it comes
Nobody knows the answer

Believe it will come
With the happiness of sunshine,
And hope,
It will be better than today

Umesh Maramudali

Bid farewell for ever

The poem is about friendship and the tragic death of a friend. At another level, it is a lesson on impermanency. All of a sudden, the life-long friend had departed. The narrator recalls the milestones of friendship. The poem is noted for its down-to-earth diction.

I met a friend in my teens
It flourished well our friendship day by day
Although rich or although poor
No matter, our friendship was stronger than all
Although there were obstacles
Nobody could destroy our friendship
And we learnt meaning/power of friendship
This unblemished friendship was the gift
I ever had from God so far

Sometimes we argued with each other
Sometimes we quarrelled with each other
But it was limited to only a short period of time
We spent life together
We shared joy, sorrow together
He made us smile and made us happy
He comforted and educated us

It took twinkling of an eye
To change everything
He went away forever
Making us cry
Leaving us alone here
Saving us great sorrow
Keeping memories in our hearts
This is the unbearable thing
I have ever had in my life so far

One thing I know......................
I will never meet a friend like him
Not only in my life span
But also in number of souls

I bless him quick NIBBANA

Kapila Priyadarshana

Life and river

In this poem, the poet compares the journey of the river from its very inception to the end of life. Like a river, life also has moments of happiness, sorrow, victory and defeat. As the river flows down into the mighty ocean, life blows its last-breath into the thin air. The poet has used simple diction and appropriate metaphors.

The river begins on a mountain top
And life begins from Heaven
River flows down in the midst of obstacles
So as the life has to cope -up with troubles

Once the river is crystal clear and once muddy
In life happiness and sorrow is the melody
River can fertile or futile its land
So as life could be or could not be fruitful
River makes its last journey into the mighty ocean
And disappeared among waves ...
So as life blows its last-breath to the
mighty wind and disappear..

Tiny Sahabandu


The poem is about happiness. The poet says that he does not curse the night and darkness. The flowers which bloomed yesterday would fade away today and thousands of beautiful flowers bloom today. What is obvious from the poem is that the happiness is in one's mind and it is the positive outlook of life which generates happiness. The poem is noted for its apt metaphors and economy of expression.

Night and darkness
I don't curse you
Striking a light
I shall get rid of you
Bluish cloud!
I don't worry about you
Looking at your silver lines

I can't be happy
Fascinating flowers!
Which bloomed, yesterday
Though not to be seen
Thousands of new pretty flowers
Have bloomed today
Muttering to me
"Don't shed tears-be happy
We are with you "
Anger and hatred!
You won't be able to make me unhappy
"Hatred never ceased through hatred "
Is the eternal law
Opening the doors of heart
Offering unwavering and everlasting love
You can be conquered
Clearing the way to happiness

-Raja Madigepola

Infancy beyond

The poem is about the clash between parental expectations and children's capabilities. In this poem, mother of the child wants the child to be an athlete like Susanthika Jayasinghe while father wants him to be a cricketer. However, the fact remains that the child is just beyond infancy and is incapable of emulating those idols. In an attempt to imitate cricketers, the child smashes the glass window pane and father laments that he has damaged another property. The poem is an eye-opener to the parents who are trying to achieve what they have failed in life through children irrespective of their capabilities.

Lying on my back in my cradle one day
I saw two pink, ill-shaped things wobbling away,
I grabbed one and bit it
I thought it was something nice to eat
But alas, I then realised, I had no teeth

I then rolled and crawled about
Soon on two tiny feet I stood rooted to the ground
Not knowing what was next expected of me!
But, then, to someone now, like a pregnant leech
My mother was trying to teach ....
"Come run to me darling, like Susanthika Jayasinha"
Father said-"No! I want him to be like Lasith Malinga"

I then grabbed something, took good aim
The crash of glass of my window pane,
Brought me back to reality
Then I heard my mother shriek!
I rolled over, fell out of bed
A humble, mumbling me
Now sweating out of a hazy, crazy dream

Father then shook me -and said
"You are a son of a gun,
See what you have done
You have damaged another property "

S. Bandaranayake

Ode to a lost love

The poem is about a lost love. The narrator tells about the love affair he had in his youth. Though the love blossomed, sadly it ended due to racial differences. The narrator, the boy is a Burgher and Christian while the girl is Sinhalese and Buddhist. They bid farewell to each other against the sun set on the beach. Now, in the evening of life, the narrator recalls his lost love.

Oh! my dearest dear
Come back with me
To the days of your youth
Remember you called me Beanople
The day I reported for work
To the office where you worked
As a Receptionist

It was a long time ago
When we were very young
Dreaming of love and romance
We fell in love

You were my world
And I was your's

Whenever we had a chance
We tenderly held our hands
And whispered loving words
Looking at each other's face

The fires within us burnt bright
The world was beautiful and nice
Nothing was difficult to achieve
No challenge too awesome to face

We walked on the beach
Holding hands
Proud to show the world
That we were in love

We always watched with delight
The descending sun
Painting the clouds
With beautiful colours

Its beauty was overwhelming
And we stood in awe
Forgetting everything
Tenderly holding each other

One day nearly two years after we met
We walked holding hands to the beach
And sat on a rock
Holding my face
With both your palms
Tears rolled down your cheeks
You whispered the saddest words
I ever heard

I am Burger
You are Sinhalese
I am Christian
You are a Buddhist
Our love will not stand
The pressure of our families
So my dearest love
This is the last day
I will be with you

I lowered my head
And fought the tears
That rolled down my face
Dissolving all the shine
That filled my life

It's time to leave she said
But you stay and watch the sun set
I will go home
And cry for you and myself

I stayed and watched
The daylight fading away
Taking the sparkle and shine
Out of my life

Wherever you are my dear
Remember me
Your Beanpole

T.M Ariyawansa Rodrigo

The farewell

The poem is about the loneliness that once a busy teacher feels after retirement. She terribly missed her students and the lively atmosphere of a classroom. The narrator recalls how she has enjoyed her profession. However, she pleads for loneliness. The poem epitomises the human urge for companionship.

No more giggling, shouting,
no one surrounds me
hereafter, laughing.
One by one wish me
bright future
who can say it will be
little hope
in this short life span.
To be with little ones
longing for an innocent smile
far far away.

To light the future candles
to console my lonely mind,
be independent and
erase the horror of old age.
Oh!, loneliness, don't fly away
be with me, lead my way.

Playing with the tail of my saree
they murmur,
Miss, you're so beautiful today,
Thanks my dear,
how to control the noise,
I stared,
Please pay attention...............
All kept quiet.
Would it come again?
Who can say it would come again,
little hope,
one by one worshipped me
glistening dew on their eyes
faint smile,
Oh,dear, can I bear this last moment
they remained silent.
Oh!, loneliness, be with me
with loving hands embrace me.

Am I a discarded coin,
or a lonely bird wondering
without an aim?
Longing for climbing the topmast
all the dreams shattered
can I go back my bitter-sweet past?
never, never be patient.
Oh!,loneliness,do not go away from me
be with me, I do not let you away from me.

Ramya Wijayasinghe


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