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FITIS, IISEIE, Microsoft launch high tech economy survey

The Federation of IT Industries Sri Lanka (FITIS), the International Institute for Software Economics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incorporated (IISEIE) and Microsoft have jointly launched the Sri Lanka High Tech Economy Survey in a collaborative partnership to provide a view of the disposition and makeup of the high-tech industry in Sri Lanka, FITIS said recently in Colombo.

"The purpose of this study is to better understand the needs and opportunities for Sri Lankan high-tech industry development. The results of this study will help develop programs and initiatives that will help the industry grow and develop it as a key driver of economic and social development for Sri Lanka" said Chairman FITIS and President FITIS Software Chapter Govind Nangrani.

"The information provided by the survey will also help to align specific programs to enable high tech companies and entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka to create new solutions, new companies and new jobs in the market place," Nangrani said.

"Report output will consist of four key components namely - technical audience insight, local hightech economy maturity, innovation readiness index and strategic entrepreneur outlook," said CEO FITIS Damith Hettihewa.

"Members will benefit from the survey as the results of the survey will be available for participating members in a form of innovation readiness index - a comparative benchmarking tool which will help them to better understand their organisational capacity for innovation, identify their innovation strengths that can be leveraged for competitive advantage", said Hettihewa.

The survey commenced on February 15 and will be completed before the end of March.

FITIS constitutes the Hardware Chapter - Sri Lanka Computer Vendors Association (SLCVA), Software Chapter - Sri Lanka Association for the Software Industries (SLASI), the Training chapter - Association of Computer Training Organisations (ACTOS), the Telecommunications chapter - Licensed Internet Service Providers Association/Telecom Service Providers Association (LISPA)/(TPA) and the Professional Chapter - Information Security Audit & Control (ISACA).

FITIS has been in operation for the past 15 years as the unified umbrella organisation of the ICT industry in Sri Lanka and has been actively engaged in developing the ICT industry with many programs successfully implemented for the growth of ICT usage and consequent growth of job opportunities in the ICT industry. FITIS has also contributed significantly to the ICT awareness in all regions the country.

Enhancing ICT in rural areas:

Intel to extend support to Uva

In keeping with the government's drive to promote ICT across the country Chief Minister Uva Province Shashindra Rajapaksa has shown a keen interest in working with Intel to further enhance ICT activities.

Sri Lanka is on the fast track to socio-economic development as envisaged in the Mahinda Chintana Vision for the Future'. As per this policy document, the country is gearing up to be a regional knowledge hub within the course of the next five years.

From right: Country Manager Intel Indika de Zoysa, Chief Minister Uva Province Shashindra Rajapaksa and Chandita Samaranayake at the Deyata Kirula expo in Buttala.

Chief Minister Rajapaksa said, "This is the time for us to play a vital role in contributing to the country's endeavour of becoming a regional hub. Working together with various ecosystem players we must achieve this to equip our next generation of youth to be on par with their counterparts in the region."

At the recently held Deyata Kirula exposition, Chief Minister Rajapaksa spoke to Intel Country Manager Indika de Zoysa on the possibility of strengthening relations to help more youth in the area.

"Increasing access to technology can be a critical driver of economic growth and we are willing to work with the government to make it happen," said de Zoysa. "We look forward to strengthening our programs and hope to help a greater number of beneficiaries through our efforts in the Uva province."

Intel has already initiated many projects within the province. In August 2007, Intel Teach was launched to train Directors in Hali Ela.

The following year a Teacher Forum was held with 104 participants.

A teacher felicitation program was held in Badulla in 2009 where teachers of the province were recognised for their dedication and knowledge sharing.

Other programs sponsored by Intel have been five principal training programs with the participation of 128 principals and 17 Education Ministry officials, eight Master Teacher batches with 156 Master Teachers, and another 146 Participant Teacher batches with 2,314 teachers.

These programs encouraged learning through interactive sessions.

The benefits of these training programs have been acknowledged by the hundreds of students who have succeeded in life.

Toshiba launches 13-inch ultraportable notebook

Toshiba recently launched its 25th Anniversary Edition PROTEGE R700, which apart from being the thinnest and lightest, full performance ultraportable Notebook, includes the world's first Honeycomb Structure and Fresh Air Cooling Technology in a Notebook.

Most ultraportable models required low-voltage and lower powered processors to keep the system cool. At less than 19mm and starting from 1.39kg, the Protege R700 supports a range of full powered processors as a result of an innovative new cooling technology, similar to that found in jet engines.

The new Airflow Cooling Technology, co-developed by Intel and Toshiba, uses powerful jets of fresh air to cool heat-generating components, allowing the Protege R700 to be configured with more powerful full-voltage processors, including the Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors within its slim casing.

Users can get performance and longer battery life needed to stay productive on the go with lower power consumption.


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