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Wonders of Science

This is the age of science. Science has changed the entire world. It is not the same as when our ancestors lived. If they were to return to this land of the living they would never recognise it now.Science has made our life more comfortable, beautiful and trouble-free. The blessings of science are too many to count.

One achievement is that science has conquered time and distance. Very fast modes of communication and transport have made the world much smaller. Telephones, radios, televisions, aeroplanes and bullet trains are just some of these modern means by which distance and time has been reduced.

Electricity is another wonderful gift of science. Its uses are unlimited. It lights our houses, shops and streets, help operate factories and trains and various electrical appliances in the domestic sector such as coolers, heaters, refrigerators and fans.

Science has done wonders in the medical field and given us wonderful medicines too. It has conquered epidemics and introduced advance methods of surgery. Now even the brain can be operated on, and many vital organs transplanted. Because of new discoveries in the medical field we can live longer, healthier lives.

Travelling is much safer, more comfortable and faster today than in the past. There are high speed cars, buses, trains, ships and aeroplanes.

Then so many advances have been made in astronomy. There are rockets and also the technology to see what’s happening in other planets too.

In the fields of agriculture, education and entertainment too science has become a great blessing. It has given us many wonderful inventions and we are richer in the quality of life we lead, because of science.

Animals are our friends

There are two groups that inhabit Planet Earth; the humans and animals. You and I belong to the human group and all the other creatures in the animal kingdom form the other group.

There are many kinds of animals living in our planet such as primates, insects, birds, fishes and reptiles. They include apes, lions, elephants, crocodiles, snakes, cats, dogs, peacocks, ducks, mice and worms.

Many humans have a wrong impression about animals. They think that as animals cannot speak like we humans do, they are stupid. It is correct that we are the most intelligent animals that live on this Earth, and animals cannot speak like us. But this does not mean they are not intelligent. Animals have their own methods of communication to exchange their ideas and express their feelings.

Most of them are too complex for us to understand or interpret.Animals are a part of the environment and are very useful to man. Pets give us love and happiness, hens give eggs, the cow and goat gives us milk, the sheep gives wool and butterflies and birds help in the pollination of flowers. Every animal has its own function in the cycle of life; we need every animal to protect the balance of nature. Animals are like friends. So, we must protect our animal friends and be good to them. If we become a friend of the animals, we will learn to be nature lovers too.

If we give our love, protection and provide animals with what they want to survive, we can become friends of all the animals.

We must talk with animals, especially animals such as cats and dogs - our pets. They may not be able to talk with us, but they can understand us.

Try to become a friend of the animals. Be kind to them and do not harm them. If we harm them, they too will harm us.

My village

My village is Galewaththa. It is very beautiful. It has a school, a post office, a temple, a cooperative, food city and a preschool.

There are many people living in my village. Some are very poor. They live amidst many difficulties. But, I love my village.


Importance of disaster management


Sri Lanka is among the many countries which has been struck ferociously by natural disasters during the last couple of months.

However, we are quite fortunate because we do not experience the most dangerous disasters such as volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and earthquakes. We may have to experience extreme weather conditions leading to severe floods and landslides very often in the rainy seasons, and also droughts, during hot climates.

Heavy rain is dangerous because lightening and thunder often causes severe damage to property. Many people and animals too die due to hazards of lightning.

The worst among these disasters, not taking into account the tsunami, are landslides and earthslips. They cause major damage and even loss of many lives. Many are compelled to leave their homes.

On the other hand, the drought brings a shortage of food and water and sometimes animals too die as a result.Not only Sri Lanka, but also neighbouring countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have to undergo such calamities. Therefore, it is important for these countries to look into ways of minimising the damage.

They must find ways to overcome these challenges and help those who are affected by such natural disasters. Expertise, experiences and technical support will be needed in combating these disasters and reducing the loss of life and damage to crops and properity.

The SAARC Disaster Management Centre in New Delhi, India has also stressed the urgent need to do so.In early January this year, the eastern province was hit by two waves of flood which affected millions of lives on both occasions. The loss of life and assets was enormous. Sri Lanka had to seek international assistance to help the victims and many countries responded favourably. The Disaster Management Programme has been identified as a top priority issue by the government with the increasing number of natural diasters taking place in our country.

Is country life better than city life?

The country or village is a place which is calm and quiet. People generally live in peace and associate each other in good spirit. They have a good behavioral pattern.

There is good habit among people in a village. That is, sharing peacefully what they have with others .

The people in the villages are very healthy because they grow their own fresh food like manioc, sweet potatoes, rice and other grains. So the diseases they get are also less.

The surroundings of a village are also beautiful. Waterfalls, lakes, streams, paddy fields, woods and rivers add beauty to a village.

If we consider the above-mentioned facts to those of a city, it is much different. The city is a very crowded and polluted place. The surroundings are full of harmful gases and poisonous things.

The worst thing is the environment pollution. First is the land pollution. People put garbage, everywhere. There are boards displayed in every town saying “Keep the city clean”. Do they obey them? No, instead they put garbage on the roads, sometimes in the very place where the boards are displayed.

Then there is water pollution. Water is a precious gift of nature but people in the city pollute the water in many ways. Factory waste is discharged into waterways, and people also put garbage into water.

The next form of pollution that occurs mostly in cities is air pollution. The main reasons are release of carbon and other harmful gases from factories, and exhaust fumes from vehicles .

In the city there are some other disadvantages too.

A lot of robberies occur in the city more than in a village. People also have no rest or free time to spend with their children and have at least one meal together. It is true that there are good jobs in a city. But what type of work do they do at office? They go to work, sit on a chair, switch on the computer and spend the whole day with it. What do they gain by these? The only things they get are diseases.

However, in a village people such as farmers and carpenters wake up in the morning, have a good meal, go to their workplaces and are engaged in hard work. So, they are active and stay healthy. Taking into consideration these facts, we can say that country life is better than city life.

Your Poems

Dear teacher

You are a friend to me
You are a guide to me
You are my only sunshine
You are everything in my life

You educate me
You advise me
You create me
As an intelligent child
You are everything in my life.

Sometimes you are a dear mother
Sometimes you are a kind father
You act many roles
I haven’t words to appreciate you

I like your kind words and respect you
I thank you, I will not forget you
Till the end of my life
You are everything in my life.


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